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Messy Marquee Splosh

Run-time 37 mins 03 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
4 Streams in HD

Instead of Mike Ellison, here is a write-up of this movie written by Custard Couple (CC).

Stream 1 runs 11 mins 45 secs
Mr and Mrs CC are awaiting their friends to join them for a dinner party, both dressed to impress and they have made every effort putting up a Marquee in their back garden and preparing lots of their favourite foodstuffs….
Mr CC is dressed in his smart suit with a tie and Mrs CC is dressed in her ballgown with black stockings, suspenders, panties and matching heels….
They both enjoy a pre-dinner drink before their guests arrive….As time ticks by Mr CC goes into the house to investigate what time their guests will arrive leaving Mrs CC to check the food is prepared correctly and to make final adjustments to the layout of the table at the back of the Marquee.
Mrs CC is feeling very naughty and would prefer for her guests not to arrive as she is desperate for some messy fun with her husband…..
Sneakily Mrs CC tries a piece of her homemade chocolate cake and tasting some of the fresh cream to accompany it!!
This naughty minx just can`t help slopping some cream over herself and even though her guests may well be on the way she just cannot resist pouring the cream over her dress!!
Picking up the bowl of tomato soup she now slops this over the dress relishing the feeling as it soaks down into her black satin panties and seeps down into her stockings.
Grabbing chocolate milk drinks Mrs CC liberally applies them down her stockings and into her heels. The milk drinks are followed by a full carton of custard down the side of the ball gown and stockinged leg– see CLIP 1.
Lifting her dress Mrs CC uses the main course of spaghetti to fill up her panties to then apply the main course over the back of her underwear purring with delight as she does!!

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 31 secs
Mrs CC applies more of the chocolate cake over most of her body and now ruined outfit.
Of course cake needs cream, so squirty cream is introduced and rubbed over her boobs.
Lifting her skirt, squirty cream goes inside her panties, which she fills to the brim…..before massaging the cream in. The cream is applied over the tops of her legs and panties and Mrs. CC lies back and spreads her legs wide.
She collects the food slops and sitting rubs them between her legs.
Mrs.CC applies another carton of custard down the front of her dress before sitting back to pour custard over her panties.
Mrs. CC starts to lose herself in self pleasure messy fun, rubbing her moist pussy and feeling herself through her panties.
She vigorously frigs her clit coming several times with her fervent efforts.

Stream 3 runs 8 mins 40 secs
Mr CC returns to find his beautiful wife now covered in food !!
He is at first startled by the sight in front of him and he explains that their guests have been delayed!
Mrs. CC is still very horny after her clit play.
But looking at what his naughty wife has been up to, Mr. CC is keen to mess her up further.
Mrs CC doesn`t care by now and pulls her partner down into the mess the join her!!
The couple kiss passionately as Mrs. CC sloshes cream over his horny wife.
They waste no time in removing Mrs CC`s dress whilst they continue to cover each other in the party foods.
They squirt each other with tomato sauce.
Things become more frantic as Mr. CC’s jacket is removed allowing Mrs. CC to rip his shirt open!
She lies back as Mr. CC dribbles custard over her and himself.
Mr. CC fondles then kisses her boobs as he removes them from her bra.
Handfuls of butterscotch dessert are rubbed down the back of Mrs CC`s panties.
He pulls her panties down to apply the butterscotch mix to her bare bum, before he pulls up her panties tightly.
She kneels in front of him as he smears her tits with butterscotch while she smears his chest.
Mr. CC squirts mayonnaise over her tits – see CLIP 2.
Mrs. CC massages his cock through his trousers.
Mr. CC’s trousers are undone and lowered.
Mrs. CC caresses his cock through his underpants while he fondles her butterscotch coated boobs.
She rubs her tits over his covered cock before finally releasing it for some messy sex play.

Stream 4 runs 6 mins 07 secs
Mrs CC can no longer continue and begs to be fucked in the mess…
Firstly, they go through a gentle arousel with frotting before she removes her panties and he , his underpants.
Mrs CC `s climbs on top in reverse cowgirl position and enjoys fucking her partners fully erect penis, not caring now if the guests arrive or not!!
They continue with their naught messy fun with Mrs CC pouring a full container of chocolate over her head and hair….
They continue fucking till they both climax and we, as the viewers, enjoy the sight of Mr CC`s penis fucking Mrs CC`s pussy!!
Mrs. CC climbs on his cock again in cowgirl position and they shag some more.
They finish exhausted but finally satisfied and glance at the time….
Their guests are now due to arrive any minute!!!
Mr CC leaves to get ready to stall them leaving Mrs CC to get redressed in her gown not knowing what she would say, but not really caring……… as she got what she wanted!!

A typical CC movie, full of passion and mess!
But how they enjoy themselves!

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