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Wet Ripping Fun

Run-time 19 mins 45 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD
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This account was written by Mrs. Custard Couple (CC).
“Hello everyone, just thought I would let you know about a great weekend away me and Mr CC had a few weeks ago….
After a lovely day shopping and a nice meal out and after a couple of glasses of wine we headed back to our hotel…..we had been flirting with each all day with Mr CC giving me a couple of sneaky snogs and under the table at the restaurant earlier we had both enjoyed feeling each other’s private parts. I was wearing a floral skirt and a nice sheer white blouse and Mr CC teased me how he`d like to rip my clothes off me later that evening back at the hotel, which secretly was making me very wet in my white panties…as he continued to encourage me….
It was a very warm evening as we headed back to the hotel so by the time we got to our room I was all hot and sweaty so I headed straight into the shower……Running the shower I stepped into the bath fully clothed, knowing Mr CC would love it!!
I let the warm water cascade over my clothes soaking my blouse and lifting my skirt I continued to shower my sheer pantyhose and knickers which felt great!
My white cotton panties were now sodden and sheer!
I knew it wouldn`t be long before Mr CC still dressed came to find out where I was and to his surprise I encouraged him to join me fully clothed in the shower……Following a lustful kiss together I unzipped his trousers to let the water flow over his white Calvin Kleins (which I love by the way!) and his red satin shirt…..Now girls if you want to please your man and get him to perform at his best I highly recommend a fully clothed shower to get a top result!!……Sliding my hand down into my knickers I rubbed my now wet pussy in full view of my partner as the water continued to rain down onto us both.
Ripping my pantyhose, I bent over the bath to let Mr CC slide his cock inside of me as he built up a steady rhythm fucking me!
I felt my blouse being ripped up from the back soon followed by my bra. Mr CC and I didn`t care as we shouted out in ecstasy as he tugged further at my underwear whilst he continued to fuck me in the shower!! Standing back up I gyrated my soaked pantie clad bum against my partners now soaked cock which continued to turn us both on.
Finally needing to finish this wet fun we both made our way to the bed where I helped my partner to rip my clothes off completely…..climbing aboard to fuck him reverse cowgirl style (which makes me so wet). To complete this wet sex Mr CC emptied his hot spunk all over my tits soaking my nipples in his love juices, then entering me he quickly finished off deep inside me…
Aarhhhh!! Happy days!!
What a lovely way to finish the weekend away treating my man in the way I know he and I love….
Mrs CC. XX”

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