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Custard Couple - Pissy Quickies

Run-time 25 mins 58 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD – not explicit
2 Streams in HD

This is a collection of 9 Pissy Streams (with 8 being shot outdoors) extracted from various Custard Couple (CC) movies over the last few years.
The Streams have been arranged in WSM order, W then S, then M.
In the 1st Stream from movie CC59 we see Mr. CC pissing over his wife!
The other Streams are of Mrs. CC pissing, with just one Stream being over Mr. CC in movie CC122.
This is Couple watersports, so if offended then do not purchase.
The 2 Clips accompanying the movie are taken from their ‘normal’ movies and are inoffensive.

A quick summary is:
W1 Ex movie CC59 washing the floor – runtime 4 mins 03 secs.
Mr. CC pisses on Mrs. CC to make her really wet and messy.
Dirty banter continues between them as we see Mrs. CC wash the floor (and herself) – plus 16 rather explicit images in set W344XXX.

W2 Ex movie CC88 slippy cooking oil – runtime 5 mins 58 secs
Mrs. CC soaks herself with cooking oil so arousing herself that she needs to pee.
With continual chat you can appreciate her behavior before kneeling she pisses away.
She indulges in further clit stimulation plus horny talk, before she orgasms.
Plus 6 explicit pics in set S402XXX

W3 Ex movie CC91 as Mrs. CC wears her vintage underwear into the sea – runtime 3 mins 23 secs
We see her fully dressed describing her outfit and her forthcoming soaking.
The wind and surf roar as she enters the sea.
Getting her panties wet gives her the urge for a quick pee! – no images for this set.

S1 Ex movie CC119 messy naughty fairy – runtime 2 mins 15 secs
A messy Mrs. CC wishes her dress to disappear.
The coldness makes her want to wee!
This she does on the riverbank.
Rubbing her clit excites her further so she just has to cum!
Plus 5 pics in image set S429XXX

S2 Ex movie CC122 caught by the wife – runtime 2 mins 30 secs
Mrs. CC confesses to her partner that she is dying for a piss!
Mrs. CC wants to sit on a messy Mr. CC and piss on him!
After such good movie shots, the 6 image pics are quite brief in set S406XXX.

M1 Ex movie CC20 Mud Slut 2 – runtime 2 mins 39 secs
Mrs. CC is ‘pretty muddy’ out there in the middle of a field!
Her messiness makes her ‘want to wee’.
She piddles away into a small muddy pool.
Then down she squirms in it, then rubs the muddy water over herself.
No images.

M2 Ex movie CC51 muddy business suits – runtime 00-56.
After muddy play in the garden, Mrs. CC decides to have a wee as Mr. CC comments.
She then plays in the pissy mud.
Despite the short stream, there are 15 images in set M212XXX.

M3 Ex movie CC86 Mud Slut 9 – runtime 1 min 43 secs
Mrs. CC dressed in her hockey outfit enters a field to find a ball.
She is ‘so desperate for a wee’ and as no-one is about, she relieves herself through her knickers and tights. No images

M4 Ex movie CC104 Mud Slut 7 – runtime 2 mins 19 secs
Here we have 2 separate pissy episodes.
Firstly, standing in a muddy field in muddy jeans – she blames the mud for making her horny!
Of course she gives us full dirty chat.
Secondly, a muddied Mrs. CC sits on the cowbowl rim with her jeans lowered.
Then she lowers her knickers for a close-up shot as she squeezes out more piss!
‘Dirty, dirty little bitch’ she says!
See if you agree!
No images.

MOVIE XXX062 has 2 HD Streams running 25 mins 58 secs

Wow! Such variety!
And CC – they both get off on it!
For further watersports action see movie XXX039 muddy watersports.
And if you had any doubts about Mrs. CC, then movie XXX010 confirms Mrs. CC as the Piss Slut!

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