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Canal bank thief then consolation and reward

Run-time 39 mins 38 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

This is Wetlook action then eroticism.
The action commences in the first few seconds when Mrs. CC goes headlong into the cold, deep canal!
So what is this all about?
Wet role play by husband and wife team Custard Couple (CC).
But strictly as the label says……this is Wetlook!
Stream 1 runs 9-31
You have just read about it, so look now at the action! – seeCLIP 1.
The sheer abruptness of it startles!
And poor Mrs. CC has to show all her wet bum as she is fished out of the canal by our good Samaritan.
After her wringing wet exit, she stands very gingerly after such a daunting experience.
Our rescuer looks after her and listens to her unfortunate experience.
With the blustery yet sunny conditions, Mrs. CC looks beguiling all wet!
She looks fabulous in her clinging white blouse (as she is braless).
Her pencil style skirt hugs and clings to her.
Her saviour tells her ‘You are absolutely soaked!’
He brushes her down to remove the grass and leaves, (but really that is just another good opportunity to view her fine legs and bum clad in tights!)
Mrs. CC tells us that two good things have come out of this nasty incident:
She still has her handbag………and has met her good Samaritan.
She confesses that the water was very invigorating for her.
Her rescuer had enjoyed her sopping wet clinging clothes (being a wet clothed fetish man).
Catching on quickly that this lady enjoys wet clothes, he seizes his chance to make a date.
It will be a very unusual date as they both wish to have some wet fun!!

Stream 2 runs 18-05
This Stream is different from the ‘normal movie (ref CC124) Stream having more erotic content and running an additional 5 mins 21 secs.
There is a complete change of scene and an unusual audio introduction.
Our good Samaritan is blind-folded as the paddling pool filled with warm water is revealed in her living room.
Now they can both fulfill their wet clothes fetish!
Mrs. CC commences by asking him to sit and watch her wet play.
At 4 minutes she gets in the pool and in less than one minute, all her clothes are fully wet!
So she is Instantly Wet! To see her outfit and the quickness of her wetting, – seeCLIP 2.
Mrs. CC rolls about in the pool with some great leg shots.
She sits up facing the camera so we can appreciate her wet clothes better.
Tim says he can see right up her skirt.
Cheryl unbuttons her jacket so he can see her wet blouse.
Her actions certainly arouse him!
Lifting her skirt and pointing her bum, she is intent on being very horny and naughty.
Seeing her wet tights, our hero tells her ‘This is such a treat!’
Tim compliments her ‘amazing pair of tits’.
She kneels up and removes her jacket, then lies on her side, then her back, to get wetter.
She puts her hand inside her tights as she is becoming more horny.
They both indulge in self play.
Her hair is dipped in the water as she pleasures herself.
He joins her in the pool clad in his shirt and underpants.
With her hand down her tights, Cheryl vigorously frigs her clit while lying on her back in the pool with all her hair in the water.
Tim is getting very hard admiring her clit play.
They face each other in mutual masturbating play…..until they both cum!
What a steamy duo they are!
He uses her shoes to pour water over her.
He very much enjoys her wet shiny tights.
He nuzzles her boobs through her clothes and feels her wet tights.
‘Can I pour some over that bum of yours?’ asks our expectant saviour.
So he pours water from a shoe over her bum and continues to feel and caress her nylon bottom.
At the end of Stream 2, Cheryl has only removed her jacket and shoes.
But things now turn even more steamy as we head towards XXX action.

Stream 3 (all XXX) runs 12-02
Opens with Tim fondling her bum.
Cheryl pours water from a shoe over his straining underpants.
She pulls his cock from his underpants and starts to suck him while sitting in the pool as Tim kneels.
She continues to play, wet and suck his cock.
He lies back as Cheryl gets atop him to rub up and down on his cock.
He rips her tights open as she cascades water over them from a shoe.
She lies atop him to squirm on him.
Tim splashes her thighs and bum – see CLIP 3.
Cheryl removes her skirt while Tim removes his underpants.
She lowers herself on his member and jogs up and down while pouring water down herself.
Tim rips her tights open further, before he cums!
She dismounts, happy at his prowess!
With Tim sitting in the pool, Cheryl goes down on him for a further cock suck……made more erotic with the watery pool.
Cheryl finishes him off with a hand job!
Tim has now cum 3 times and Cheryl is very impressed!
She removes her blouse.
Slipping her tits from her bra she offers them to Tim to kiss and caress.
Cheryl is so glad they have met and hopes for more wet naughty encounters.
But she confesses that ‘She didn’t realize she was such a secret water fanatic!’

Movie XXX066 (being the XXX addition to movie CC124) combines both the normal movie plus the XXX together and runs 39 minutes, plus 76 further XXX images.

MOVIE XXX066 has 3 HD Streams running 39 mins 38 secs

IMAGE SET W399aat the canal bank has 252 Enhanced (full screen) shots with 4 sample shots
IMAGE SET W399b in the paddling pool has 33 Enhanced shots with 1 sample shot.
IMAGE SET W399XXX has 76 Enhanced shots with 1 sample shot.

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