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Maid Mayhem

Run-time 24 mins 00 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD – not explicit
2 Streams in HD

Basically this is a WAM movie with some unusual aspects, but strong nasty language predominates throughout!
20 minutes out of the 24 mins are inoffensive but you have to be advised of the ‘Watch out’ bits!
We commence with Mrs. CC in bondage lying on a bed.
Mr. CC had left her trussed up all evening.
Mrs. CC demands ‘I want you to fuck me hard… the mouth!’
So Mr. CC duly obliges but Mrs.CC wants more.
He says he will fill her panties with cum
He instructs her to open her legs – see CLIP 1.
He cums over her inside leg and panty.
Next, we move to the Wetroom.
Mrs. CC puts strawberry jam all over her maid’s outfit.
She tells her master that maids just like to please.
As he wishes to see her face all messy, the jam is smeared over her face and hair.
She then puts white knickers over her head and face. They remain there for one minute.
She puts the white knickers on over her black panties.
Next Mrs. CC puts jam over her pantied bum and pulls those knickers tight!

Stream 2 commences as Mrs. CC pours yogurt over her double pantied bum!
She deposits the remainder of the large yogurt tub over her head and face.
Now she is getting messier with strawberry jam and cream!
She takes her hair out.
Mr. CC requests that she demands more mess!
‘Get that custard off the floor and throw it at me’, she demands!
Mr. CC surprises her with milkshake.
She is well drenched and splattered – see CLIP 2.

Then Mr. CC turns her round to splatter her back.
He makes her pull those knickers ‘Right up your arse!’
The milkshake deluge continues.
‘I think I am looking quite sploshed up’, says Mrs. CC.
A further pair of brief black knickers are thrown in and Mrs. CC puts them over her head and face.
Mr. CC throws custard over her.
The custard covered Mrs. CC asks ‘What else have you got to come on me?’
‘I’m waiting’ says Mrs.CC.
In the following 87 seconds Mr. CC pisses on the very willing Mrs. CC.
Then he spanks his naughty wife before pouring 2 cartons of custard over her bum, back, then her knickered head.
This sets Mrs. CC off with some clit play.
She lies back to roll about in the mess.
The master tells her she may cum now if she wants to.
But first, he wants to view her messy pantied arse before he permits her to cum.
Mrs. CC gives herself a vigorous frigging as she fucks herself to a very satisfying orgasm (still with those knickers on her head and face).
This was some extreme couple role play!
Mrs. CC sweeps back the knickers from her face to show us a very satisfied look!
She ends showering off her maids uniform.

MOVIE XXX067 has 2 HD Streams running 24 mins 00 secs

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Image Set S459XXX

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