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Mr. Nasty takes charge of Ava and Axajay

Run-time 38 mins 06 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

4 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1 runs 13 mins 50 secs
Mr. Nasty takes charge and starts off by getting the 2 girls to sit together on the floor.
He pours yogurt over their heads making them yell.
He instructs each girl to remove the others panties.
Ava reminds Mr. Nasty that he is very lucky to have a wife like Axa with such fantastic nipples!
Mr. Nasty pours yogurt on Axa’s nipples then both Ava and Mr. Nasty lick away! – see CLIP 1.

This is good humoured messy sex play between the 3 along with amusing quips.
Then both girls kneel pointing their bums to the camera while Mr. Nasty pours yogurt over them and rubs in the yogurt. Some great messy bum shots here!
Next, Mr. Nasty lies on his back between Axa’s legs to lick her pussy!
Then he says to Ava ‘I think you should taste it!’
So the gorgeous messy Ava slides on her back between Ava’s legs for a pussy lick, followed by a finger to frig Axa’s pussy. Meanwhile, Mr. Nasty caresses Ava’s pussy with yogurt.
What an unusual messy pussy game this is!
Then it is Axa’s turn to lie down to lick Ava’s pussy.
Axa licks away with enthusiasm while Mr. Nasty caresses Ava’s pussy with yogurt.
As one would expect, Axa is very good at the pussy licking.
And it is quite a sight – two beautiful ladies and yogurt!
Then the girls assume a 69 position as Ava licks Axa’s pussy!
They spin round so the positions are reversed and Axa licks Ava’s pussy!
Axa frigs Ava’s pussy rubbing the yogurt in.
Both girls have now switched to caressing and frigging.
It is a sight that turns Mr. Nasty on!

Stream 2 runs 8 mins 47 secs
The girls undress each other of their stockings and suspender belts.
Ava is nude first and Mr. Nasty attacks her bare skin with yogurt.
They slide Ava down on her back to give her a massage, smoothing in the yogurt.
Ava rolls over and they caress her back and bum.
Axa licks Ava’s bum.
Then it is Axa’s turn to be naked and massaged.
She lies on her back while yogurt is dribbled down her.
Mr. Nasty licks her nipples while Ava tongues her pussy.
Then Axa rolls on her stomach and they pour yogurt over her back and bum – see CLIP 2
They both caress her.
Mr. Nasty puts yogurt on Ava’s back and Ava lies on top of Axa squirming up and down her.
Mr. Nasty spreads yogurt over Ava.
Axa rolls onto her back and pulls Ava onto her……..they kiss!
Wow! This has been very sensuous erotic play with the double attraction of the two girls!

Stream 3 runs 6 mins 42 secs
Mr. & Mrs. Nasty like to play a game with their guests.
He invites Ava to sit on the plinth seat.
Mr. Nasty demonstrates the game throwing FRIJJ drinks over Ava.
But Ava does not enjoy the sploshing or the game.
‘You two are so nasty!’ she says.
The Nasty’s tell Ava she did really well but did not scream as long as they thought she would!
Then it is Axa’s turn for the firing line!
Ava takes her revenge – ‘This is a good game’ Ava says.
You can see how Ava enjoyed herself – see CLIP 3.
Then Mr. Nasty demonstrates his skill with the FRIJJ bottle over the submissive Axa.
Ava cottons on quick.
Axa steps down then Mr. Nasty has to take his turn.
The girls enjoy finishing off the FRIJJ drinks over Mr. Nasty eventually throwing together!
Of course Mr. Nasty has come off worst but it was a superb messy sploshing for each of them!

Stream 4 runs 8 mins 47 secs
We finally arrive at the XXX scene for this movie.
This is a single Stream with no Clip.
It opens as Axa says she ‘Should finish off Mr. Nasty in the way he really likes’.
So Axa removes his shorts and slops chocolate Angel Delight over Mr. Nasty’s cock and balls!
Meanwhile, Ava has decided to play with Axa and she slops the chocolate dessert down her back.
Axa sucks Mr. Nasty’s cock then spreads chocolate over his chest.
As Axa resumes her task, Ava pours a bowl of choc dessert over her back and bum.
Ava covers Axa’s pussy in chocolate.
The camera goes between Axa sucking her husband and Ava caressing and licking Axa’s pussy.
Axa urges Ava to rub herself over herso Ava gets chocolate over her too.
Axa develops a steady rhythm but Mr. Nasty remains unperturbed and quiet.
Ava frigs away at Axa as our erotic trio start to wend their way towards a climax.
And who came first?
Sploshed by Mr. Nasty and frigged off by Ava it is the chocolate covered Axa!
Then Axa resumes her sucking still caressed by Ava.
Mr. Nasty is determined to bring himself off over Axa’s boobs…..and so it happens!
‘We have all enjoyed ourselves ‘, says Mr. Nasty.
‘Well Mr. and Mrs. Nasty’, says Ava ‘That was a rather delicious afternoon I’ve just had!’
She kisses Axa goodbye.
Phew! A delicious messy and entertaining time for us all!

MOVIE XXX069 has 4 HD Streams running 38 mins 06 secs.
We also draw to your attention that this is part 2 of this movie.
Part 1 is movie WSM257 and is only currently available as a Download.

IMAGE SET S462XXX has 112 shots
We show you 5 sample images from this set.
These are all 35mm shots with enhanced (full Screen) format.
There is some unbelievably messy play between our 3 lusty players.
This is top Slapstick shot in a humorous manner with each person contributing and showing their enjoyment.

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Image Set S462XXX

No of Images 112  

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