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Couple Paint Fun

Run-time 44 mins 52 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

4 Sample Clips in HD
4 Streams in HD

As this is a joint production with WSM, movie WSM204 and identical movie CC78 with WSM filming, so allowed CC to express themselves as a Couple.
And did they get carried away?……but of course!

Stream 1 runs 12 mins 10 secs
Mrs. CC has been dreaming about all the paint she has acquired.
Mr. CC was amazed to find his wife lounging on the bed.
She reveals her plans to play with the paint and get very, very messy.
Mr. CC is very turned on.
She finalizes her outfit and off they go for their paint fun.
Arriving on the paint set, Mr. CC is impressed with the large quantity of paints.
Mrs. CC becomes the paint target and she wants to get “Totally covered!”
So the first red paint is fired (or is that squeezed!)
Green paint follows over her bum – see CLIP 1.
Blue and yellow paints follow.

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 54 secs
Commences with Mrs. CC well coated with paint.
Her knickers are soon filled both front and back.
“I can feel it quishing around in my knickers”, says Mrs. CC.
Mr. CC gets a big container of red paint and joins his wife.
He daubs then pours it down the front of her dress.
Then it is Mr. CC’s turn to have the red paint poured over his shirt and trousers.
Naughty Mrs. CC pulls forward his trouser belt and tips red paint into his pants!
Then a big container of blue paint is poured down Mrs. CC’s back before Mr. CC lifts her dress to pour more down her back and over her bum.
Do you like wedgies?
There is a great one here at 6 mins 25 secs (and also at 7-16 and 9-08)
Next, Mr. CC gets a large tub of white paint.
The white paint goes all over Mrs. CC’s back and she has her knickers re-filled – see CLIP 2.
Mr. CC stimulates his wife before pulling her knickers taut for another great wedgie (at 9 mins 08 sec).
Mrs. CC is now very well painted!
She decides she “Wants to go a little bit more raunchy!”
So she lies in the inflated paddling pool with her legs over the edge.
Mr. CC applies more yellow then red paint and he enjoys running his hands over her painted clothes.
We get some delicious views of Mrs. CC’s painted long legs!
Next, black paint is added, but here we leave the normal movie as the action hots up!

Stream 3 runs 10 mins 35 secs
Stream 3 commences with Mr. CC stimulating his wife’s clit.
Then he announces ‘I want to fuck you!’
To which Mrs. CC replies ‘Yes please!’
Mr. CC slicks the messy, silky paint over Mrs. CC’s clothes before giving her more clit play.
Then his cock is out and he gives her a vigorous shagging!
Mrs. CC suggests he continues but doggie style!
Mr. CC drips yellow paint over her bum and back.
After the paint she requests a real wedgie and Mr. CC duly delivers – see CLIP 3.
Her dress is lifted to her shoulders and Mrs. CC requests ‘Lots more paint!’
Black paint cascades over her back and bum before Mr. CC switches to blue paint, including some over her hair!
It is all too much for Mr. CC, his cock is out again and we get vivid doggie fuck shots.
Mr. CC sustains a prolonged vigorous shag, heartily encouraged by his sexy wife.
He rips away her bra strap while continuing to thrust.
Away he goes again – quite impressive with both of them totally covered in paint!
He then rips her bra and dress away as Mrs. CC is reduced to garter belt, knickers and stockings…….not that you can see much detail with all the paint!
Mrs. CC sprays Mr. CC with green paint, before spraying yellow paint over them both.
Mr. CC frigs her while she continues to splosh him with paint.
Mr. CC asks that she ride his cock and she rips his shirt away in preparation.
You want real paint sex?Well here it is in this Stream!

Stream 4 runs 10 mins 13 secs
Commences with Mrs. CC riding his cock normal cowgirl.
He requests she ride him reverse cowgirl.
With 2 cameras on this shoot we get some decent (or is that indecent) shots!
Eventually Mrs. CC lies back seemingly satisfied!
But Mr. CC has other ideas as he removes her knickers to play with her clit.
The paddling pool has collapsed with their frantic activity – see CLIP 4.
Mr. CC delivers some white paint over her head in a superb close-up shot.
They continue to squirm together as the white paint drips down her head, face and boobs.
Then it is Mr. CC’s turn to be painted over the head with purple paint – very, very vivid!
Mrs. CC adds yellow paint to his body.
He responds with red paint over her body, as she fondles his cock.
Then it is back to doggie as our painted duo are at it again as Mr. CC screws her while dribbling yellow paint down her back and bum.
Mr. CC continues further sex play before splattering her back and bum with white paint.
Mrs. CC lies back rubbing her clit while Mr. CC sprays more green paint over her front.
They indulge in mutual masturbation as the movie nears its end.
Eventually they both climax.
‘You know how to fuck in the paint’, says Mrs. CC.
And she is right!
Wow! They put to shame most younger couples!
If you want messy sex action, you have to see this!
Quite unbelievable sex while covered in paint!

MOVIE XXX070 has 4 HD Streams running 44 mins 52 secs

IMAGE SET S382 has 82 Enhanced (full screen) shots with 5 sample shots.
IMAGE SET S382XXX has 118 shots with the same 5 sample shots.

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