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The Joker and Harley Quinn

Run-time 31 mins 05 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

Stream 1 runs 11mins 14 secs
The movie commences as the villainous Joker attempts to splosh up a brunette office lady.
But his dastardly activity is spied on by Harley – see CLIP 1.

The office lady escaped but Harley has caught on to the nasty Joker’s purpose, as he wants messy sex!
Do you like CC’s outfits?
Not bad at all for a mature couple!
But back to our story.
‘So you like to play huh!’ asks Harley?
She taunts the Joker.
‘Harley was there! I saw it all!’
‘But Harley likes to play too and wants the Joker to play with Harley!’
She brings on a bowl of sloppy mess (banana dessert).
Harley enjoys dominating and messing up the Joker.
Then it is Harley’s turn to be messed.
This brings on raucous laughter as she mocks the Joker’s efforts at messing her.
Harley tells the Joker that he made Harley.
The Joker agrees, ‘Just the way the Joker likes you!’
They messily squirm together and caress each other as the Joker continues to mess her up.

Stream 2 runs10 mins 07 secs
Harley removes her jacket.
The Joker is now enjoying this, slopping the mess over her.
Harley says it is like sweeties!
Harley gets the Joker to reaffirm his love for her by emptying a large container of banana dessert over her head! – see CLIP 2.

Harley continues her laughter as the Joker continues to mess her.
The Joker removes her shorts as he presses on with his end purpose – messy sex!
But Harley gets there first!
‘Why don’t you screw me Joker?’ she asks.
The Joker tears away her mesh tights.
Soon his cock is out and the messy sex begins, which kicks off more laughter from Harley.
‘Come on! Fuck sweetie Harley!’ she demands.
The Joker pounds away.
Harley gives him a quick cock suck reward as she plays with his cock…….plus more laughter!
The Joker is pleased to be getting his messy sex.
But Harley is far from satisfied yet!
‘Sweetie wants to be so fucked’, Harley implores.
So the Joker couples up for a further sexual ravage of the insatiable Harley!
The Stream finishes as he messes her up further.

Stream 3 – runs 10 mins 04 secs
Chocolate dessert is introduced and the Joker rubs it over Harley’s bum and back – see CLIP 3.

The Joker removes her top.
Harley’s boobs are pulled from her bra.
The Joker slaps chocolate on them and nuzzles them.
This provokes laughter from Harley so the Joker slops the choc over her head and face.
Harley has removed her bra.
The Joker draws on her body while she laughs.
Then the Joker lies back.
Harley bares his cock then sits astride him.
‘I’m going to ride you Joker’, she says.
And so she does.
‘Fuck Harley’, she shouts away.
She laughs again when it is finished.
Then Harley squirms onto the Joker to seek further messy sex.
The jaded Joker does rise again to the occasion.
Harley applauds his efforts.
Then she goes back to unpredictability.
Totally messy they stand together with a distinct afterglow from some very messy sex!

There are 153 images of this shoot ref S456XXX.
Only about 25% of the shots could be considered XXX.
But the images tell the tale of the movie.
And do those outfits look good?
See what you think as we show 5 sample shots from image set S456XXX.

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