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Custard Couple - Pissy Quickies 2

Run-time 24 mins 46 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD – not explicit
2 Streams in HD available as either MP4 or WMV

This is a collection of 8 Pissy Scenes (with 4 being shot outdoors) extracted from various Custard Couple (CC) movies over the last few years.
An analysis of the scenes shows:
3 x Mr. CC pisses over Mrs. CC
1 x Mrs. CC pissing over Mr. CC
3 x Mrs. CC taking a piss
1 x as Mrs. CC gets a jug of her own piss over her
This is Couple Watersports, so if offended then do not purchase.
The 2 Clips accompanying the movie are taken from Stream 2 and show Clip 03 of Mrs. CC before Mr. CC pisses over her, then in Clip 04 we see the mess Mrs. CC got into. Both these Clips are taken from movie XXX007 and are erotic but not offensive.

A quick summary is:
Stream 1 runs 12 mins 36 secs
Ex movie CC18‘Office dress in sea’ – runtime 00-41 secs.
Mrs. CC takes a very brief piss while stood in the sea in her office dress.
plus 3 mild images in set W309XXX.

Ex movie XXX026 being the sequel to ‘The Dressing Game’ – runtime 3 mins 59 secs.
Clip 01 from movie XXX026 shows the introduction as Mr. CC starts to splatter Mrs. CC.
The first scene is extremely graphic as Mrs. CC tells Mr. CC “You should warm me up and piss all over me!”
Needless to say he does in a scene running 3 mins 13 secs before Mrs. CC pisses over his cock in a 46 secs scene including sucking his pissy cock.
With horny language and other sex play, this is a remarkably frank scene
Plus 14 very explicit pics as Mr. CC pisses on his wife in set S313aXXX, which are followed by 8 pics as Mrs. CC pisses over Mr. CC’s cock then sucks it in image set S313bXXX.

The next part is ex ‘Mud Slut 10 – After Dinner Muddying’ frommovie CC92.
This is a two part scene both of which are shot in clean clothes (no mud here).
Mr. CC pisses over Mrs. CC’s bum – runtime 4 mins 44 secs plus 9 images in set M225aXXX
Then Mrs. CC goes for a piss by herself – runtime 1 min 17 secs plus 3 images in set M225bXXX
Good outdoor material here.

Ex movie CC109 ‘messy treasure hunt’ we see Mrs. CC take a piss outdoors in brief scene running 1 mins 41 secs plus 7 images in set S424XXX.

Stream 2 runs 12 mins 10 secs
This is a most unusual Stream taken from movie ‘XXX007 CC Summerhouse PantiesSplosh’ as we see Mrs. CC indulging in some bizarre panty play as she covers her head and face in panties then smothers them with cream cakes.
She puts knickers into a jug plus some custard.
Then Mrs. CC pisses into the jug.
She pulls the pissy knickers from the jug and puts a pair on her head and face.
She enjoys licking the pissy knickers.
Then the piss filled jug is tipped over her head and knicker covered face.
Mrs. CC feels her clit.
She sucks the pissy knickers on her face and swallows.
This scene runs 5 mins 06 secs.
There are 16 images in set S332aXXX.

The action continues to the next scene as Mr. CC cums into her mouth and over her face with spunk.
At the end Mrs. CC lowers the pair of panties over her face and sucks his cock through the panties.
This scene runs 1 mins 42 secs.
There are 13 images in set S332bXXX.

Continuing movie XXX007 we next move to the final scene of our movie.
Mrs. CC attempts to rip her panties and pulls them very tight.
In Clip 02 we see Mrs. CC pull her knickers extremely tight to provoke Mr. CC to piss on them.
Mr. CC pisses strongly over her arse.
Mrs. CC squeezes out a pair of pissy panties over herself then fills up her knickers with pissy gunge.
She squirms in the mess then pulls her knickers tight up her bum and inserts panties into her fanny.
She squirms again in the pissy, gungy mess and rubs it into herself.
Then she enthusiastically rubs herself to a climax!
Clip 03 shows us the filthy mess that Mrs. CC has created and how she looks at the end of this scene.
This scene runs 5 mins 22 secs.
There are 6 images in set S332cXXX.

MOVIE XXX072 has 2 HD Streams running 24 mins 46 secs

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Euro 10-40

Wow!What a fantastic fantasy!
And CC – yet again, they both get off on it!
For further watersports action see HD movie XXX062 for Pissy Quickies 1.
Also go to HD movie XXX039 for muddy watersports.
And if you had any doubts about Mrs. CC, then HD movie XXX010 confirms that Mrs. CC is ‘The Piss Slut!’

Image Set

No of Images 79  

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