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Custard Couple - Shrink 2

Run-time 24 mins 46 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

Can Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) be cured of her obsession for 1960’s clothes and music.
She goes into dreamy fantasies always involving sploshing.
So her Shrink demands a radical extreme messy solution which will keep her awake and hopefully repulse her from any further messy activity.
It is time for Mrs. CC to enter the mud pit!
The movie commences with a quick musical burst from Austin Powers.
But there is too much speech and action and it is Stream 3 before we get some further 60’s music.

Stream 1
Commences with Mrs CC dressed in 60`s influenced white zip trousers, a sheer black blouse and shiny red platform shoes.
The Shrink tells Mrs. CC that he has brought her to ‘this filthy disgusting mudpit.
This is going to resolve all the problems’, he tells her.
But Mrs. CC cannot see how it will cure her.
‘Get over there and get yourself all muddied up’, says the Shrink.
‘It’s the only way that you’re going to just hate it’, he says.
Mrs. CC walks into the mudpit in her glossy red platform heels – see CLIP 1.
The Shrink tells her he does not think she will go fully into the mud.
‘Of course I will’, says Mrs. CC as she sits in it.
Her white trousers are soon ‘getting so muddy!’
Mrs. CC lies full length as the Shrink keeps challenging her to become muddier.
She tells him she is ‘getting very turned on!’
The Shrink is shocked!
‘This therapy is not going the way I thought it would’, he says.
‘You are covered’ says the Shrink. ‘Does this not put you off?’
‘No, of course it doesn’t’, replies Mrs. CC.

Stream 2
The Shrink believes he has not been extreme enough with his patient.
‘You are still not doing this right’, he says.
‘I think you need to go completely and utterly covered, face-down, the lot’, he demands.
Mrs. CC manoevures herself and sure enough goes face down.
‘I just love it’ says Mrs. CC, ‘as you can tell!’
‘You seem to be having a good time there’, says the Shrink.
‘Maybe I am’, says a rather happy Mrs. CC. – see what you think as we see her in Clip 2.
But the messy mud makes Mrs. CC feel ‘rather raunchy!’
She squirms around secretly trying to get herself aroused.
Soon she is feeling herself!
‘This is having the complete reverse effect’, says the Shrink.
Mrs. CC exits the mud so he can discuss what is happening as ‘it is not going to plan at all!’
She sits all messy at the table with the prim and proper Shrink and tells him she is ‘loving it!’
‘You have not been in there long enough’, says the Shrink, who thinks he should give her some hands-on therapy.
Mrs. CC drags him in and soon he is sprawling in the mud.
She sits astride him, then lies on him…….to mess him up.
Mrs. CC is soon aroused and frotting him to build her excitement.
She unfastens her trousers and the Shrink pulls them off her.
Her white panties come into view, but they are not white for long as mud is sploshed over them.
The Shrink removes his once white coat and enjoys mud sploshing her back and bum.

Stream 3
The Shrink undoes his trousers and pulls them down.
He enjoys feeling Mrs. CC’s bum and gets her to lie full length in the mud – see CLIP 3.
The Shrink mounts her bum to frot her through her knickers and his underpants.
Then he removes his trousers as Mrs. CC lies back in the mud in hopeful anticipation of sex play from her Shrink.
Again, he mounts her for simulated play by frotting her through her knickers and his underpants as she lies on her back in the mudpit.
Mrs. CC is enjoying the sexual attention and her 1960’s music kicks in with “a whiter shade of pale” by Procol Harum.
By now the Shrink’s cock is out and he removes his underpants.
Next, he spoons her for simulated sex play.
In a bold move the Shrink rips her blouse open to fondle her muddied bra covered boobs.
He slips her boobs from her bra, sits on the bank at the rear of the mudpit and pulls her close to him (with Mrs. CC facing the camera).
Her boobs are muddied before our determined Shrink slips his hand down the front of her knickers.
Mrs. CC relishes the attention and splashes liquid mud over herself.
The Shrink frigs her then she removes her knickers then splashes mud over herself.
Mrs. CC slowly gets aroused before kneeling up to splash mud over the Shrink.
As the 5th Dimension commence with “The Age of Aquarius”, she is sliding into position to fondle and suck the Shrink’s cock, which is quite a picture of the mud covered pair!
Our Shrink wanks himself to cum over Mrs. CC’s boobs with plenty of spunk!
As the final song commences, she sits beside the bemused Shrink.
Sadly, there was too much background noise, so we end with two captions.
The first is from our Shrink ‘I don’t know what happened’.
We end as Mrs. CC says ‘We both need therapy!’
Wow! Quite an extraordinary movie!

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