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Mrs. CC - Messy Humiliation in Pink

Run-time 46 mins 46 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

4 HD Streams plus 4 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1runs 8 mins 59 secs
Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) shows off her “gorgeous underwear” with full size pink panties which she cannot wait to get filled with mess.
She highlights her “beautiful bra” telling us that when her blouse goes see thru, the “lovely pink pattern of the bra will come through”.
But you will not see it for long, as she tells us she “intends to get so messy – in her hair, everything is going to be trashed……just as my Master likes it. Totally, utterly trashed!!”
She then shows us her special stockings.
Her Master tells her he has some Ice Cream with which to indulge herself.
Mrs. CC smears then pours it down herself – see CLIP 1.

She shows him the results of the Ice Cream mess.
Her nipples show and her messy sight makes the Master horny.
She picks up a baggy pair on thin net knickers.
As this is a custom shoot, she has to wear those knickers on her head.
She has a Black Forest Gateau – she scrounges it and mixes it.
Lifting her skirt and sitting on the kitchen top, she says she is going to put it “right down my knickers!”
She fills up her panties with the chocolate gateau, both front and back.
She sits back down and squidgees the mess all around her knickers.
She shows off the results and pulls her knickers into a tight wedgie on her arse.
Her Master very much approves as she sticks a finger into her knickers to arouse herself, finishing by sucking her fingers.
“This has got me in the mood for a lot more mess!” she says.
“I just want to get completely, utterly sploshed up! Completely!”
I am sure we would all say ‘Bring it on!’

Stream 2 runs9 mins 13 secs
Mrs. CC, still with the net panties on her head, lets her Master know what she is expecting!
“Now I can start to get really fucking messy”, she says.
“I want my head dunked!
And I want to be covered head to toe!
And you know what I want first?
Cover me with that great big container of milk, which will be freezing cold!!
Then I want you to put the freezing cold bowl of custard over these luscious panties” (as she feels the panties that are over her face and head).
“Then I want you to rip this blouse open!
Then I want you to throw me on the floor then get that other bowl of chocolate, moussey custard and head dunk me in it!”
Her Master is only too delighted to follow her list of cold, humiliating products.
The cold milk has Mrs. CC gasping!
She shows us her chocolate gateau filled knickers!
The cold custard goes over her head and face and she struggles to breathe!
Her Master lifts the knickers from her face so he can cover her face with the custard.
He calls her ‘A disgusting Mess!’
She gets the 2nd bowl of custard.
Standing, she pours it over her head and down her front.
“Look at this lovely mess”, she says. “It’s luscious!”
She removes the panties from the back of her head, then sucks and licks them!
Her Master rips her blouse open and exposes her tits! – see CLIP 2.

Stream 3 runs 14 mins 39 secs
The messiness continues as Mrs. CC says “I’m going to get this nice big chocolate bowl and spread it all over me!
She lifts her skirt and sits in the bowl of chocolate Angel Delight.
She rubs the chocolate on her knickers and bum and down the back and front of her knickers.
She then puts the 2nd pair of chocolate messed knickers on, pouring the remainder of the bowl over her bum, then she pulls the double knickers tight.
Next Mrs. CC goes for a trifle.
She puts the trifle inside both pairs of knicker fronts saying “let’s just get messier.”
Her Master murmurs approvingly as she has both her pairs of panties filled.
Having taken off her 2nd pair of knickers, she puts them into a large container of battermix.
She shows off her well filled knickers.
Next, she brings a tub of butterscotch Angel Delight and plunges her head into the tub.
Her Master tells her ‘Get your filthy head right down in it!’
Mrs. CC head dunks 3 times in the butterscotch then rubs it over her body.
She pours the rest of the tub over her head so she is completely messed up.
She rubs her face into the mess covered floor – see CLIP 3!

Then she writhes in the mess on the floor.
“All the mess makes me feel so fucking horny”, she says.
It is all proving too much for Mrs. CC and she starts to frig herself.
Her Master tells her to ‘Stroke that fucking hard pussy!’
Mrs. CC is now fully aroused and determined to give herself a good frigging then cum for her Master.
He calls her ‘A fucking MILF whore!’
She rams her fingers in her pussy and cums!
She slowly readjusts to her totally messy state then starts to slop more mess over herself while sat on the floor.
She lies back caressing the mess over herself.
Then she removes the 2nd pair of knickers from the battermix and rubs them over her pussy.
‘Stick them up your cunt’ says her Master!
Rubbing them firmly into her pussy she tries to cum again!
She has put the 2nd pair of panties inside her knickers on her pussy.
She continues to frig herself and pleasures herself further slopping yet more mess over her soppy knickers.
She removes the 2nd pair of knickers and sucks them before putting them back in the battermix.

Stream 4 runs 13 mins 55 secs
Mrs. CC states that she thinks she is “one very messy, messy lady!”
Once again she defines her next objectives:
“Lots and lots of head dunking!
Loads of it for my Master!
My Master loves it when I’m all messy and choking and gagging in all this lovely mess on the floor!
You should come and fuck me while I’ve got my head in these nice full bowls!”
(The bowls have rice pudding and battermix.)
Mrs. CC wants to be “gagging in it!”
The Master tells her he is going to fuck her, then he enters and dunks her head in the bowl of rice pudding – see CLIP 4!

Mr. CC enjoys himself messing her face and head with the rice pudding.
‘Get right in bitch!’ he says.
He gives her 3 face/head dunks before pouring the rice pudding bowl over her head.
Mrs. CC enjoyed that and now proceeds to rip her stockings!
The Master re-enters and tips the remainder of the rice pudding over her head and body.
He orders her to get on all fours.
He tells her to put the panties from the battermix bowl over her head and face.
Once more he re-enters and pushes her head into the battermix bowl.
He lifts her skirt and then his cock is out.
Soon he has entered her and shags away.
Her Master gathers slops off the floor and rubs them over her back.
He removes her bra and pours the battermix over her head and back as he cums into her.
The Master demands that she suck his dick!
After the cock sucking ends, Mrs. CC rubs her hair in the mess on the floor.
‘Get your head right fucking in it’, demands the Master.
Mrs. CC kneels up gasping for air.
Then it is back in the mess until her buttermix covered hair completely covers her face.
‘Look at the fucking state of you’, her Master says.
“Master, am I messy enough for you?” asks Mrs.CC.
“Master, I am covered!”
Mrs. CC has endured one of the sploshings of her life!
She removes her skirt, then her blouse and bra.
All her clothes have been totally gunged up.
She is pleased her large pink panties held up well and withstood the food assault, yet still look good!

As no images were provided we have taken out a set of 84 shots as set S473XXX.
All images have been enhanced (to full screen).
Some fantastic sploshy and sexy action!
What a horny pair CC are!
But there is no doubt that Mrs. CC leads the way as she seems insatiable for mess and sex play.
As with video grabs the quality is very variable.
But there are some memorable images from this lengthy shoot.
We show 5 sample shots from image set S473XXX.

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