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Mrs. CC’s Xmas message for Santa

Run-time 21 mins 50 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1 runs 9mins 56 secs
Mrs. CC wants to make a Xmas movie for Mr. CC.
She shows us her preparations – see CLIP 1.
She shows off her outfit and her sexy black dress plus her reindeer antlers and nose.
Mrs. CC gives her sexy message to Mr. CC.
But Mr. CC returns before she could get started.
She invites him to join her.
Soon the XXX fun starts as Mrs. CC proves she is the ‘head’ reindeer.
Then Santa has his way with his ‘reindeer’ bent over the table.

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 53 secs
After the sex fun in Stream 1, it is time to get messy with both slapstick fun and further sex.
The action commences full-on with cream pie action! - seeCLIP 2.
Then it is non-stop slapstick fun with Mrs. CC getting her presents from Santa!
Santa takes control of his ‘naughty reindeer’ and the mess flows over Mrs. CC, much to her delight.
Santa continues his messing and stimulation of the very turned on Mrs.CC.
In a radical step, Mrs. CC asks for custard and cream on her bum hole.
Santa takes advantage of her as he “Cums up her arse!”.
Quite a surprise to see the 1st anal set From CC!
Mrs. CC removes her tight fitting dress.
Santa requests to see her ‘lovely tits’ and then nuzzles them.
He delivers a further pie to her tits.
“Santa made this movie completely” (just by turning up), as Mrs. CC was due to make a solo movie for him..
So CC had their treats and we, as invited voyeurs should have had ours!
Not bad for a mature couple!

There are 114 images of this shoot ref S450XXX.
Sadly, these are not 35mm shots, but these video grabs look good.
All images have been enhanced (to full screen).
Some fantastic sploshy action!
See what you think as we show 5 sample shots from image set S500XXX.

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Image Set S500XXX

No of Images 114  

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