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Mr. CC in cross-dresswith red PVC clad Mrs. CC solo in Oil, then joining her partner for sexy Mud fun

Run-time 21 mins 03 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips
Stream 1 runs 11 mins 15 secs
The scene opens with Mr. CC dressed in pink cardigan, white dress, black wig plus make-up, white tights and pink panties. He wants his wife to join him in some mud play.
Mr. CC kneels in the mud and rubs it over his crotch urged on by Mrs. CC – see CLIP 1.

He lies full length in the mud pool.
Mrs. CC urges him to ride around in the mud pool as he knows how much it turns her on plus his lovely hair and dress!
Mr. CC lies on his side to show the muddy result.
He lowers his tights so he can slaver mud into his crotch.
Mrs. CC is impressed and urges him to cover himself with the mud.
Mr. CC does his best to get himself covered.
She urges him to roll over one more time as she wants to see his arse again!
Mr. CC simulates fucking in the mud!
She urges him to sit-up and show how muddy he is.
He rips his cardigan open then smothers more mud down the front of his dress, wishing that Mrs. CC would join him.
We then see Mrs. CC dressed in her red PVC tight jacket and skirt.
Now we hear the missing pieces of dialogue from the skillfully edited normal movie CC83.
Mrs. CC expecting to join Mr. CC in the mud is directed by Mr. CC to get herself oily.
Only you can judge if the now added dialogue enhances your oily experience in movie XXX078?
After 6 mins 50 secs Mrs. CC is getting her hair oiled up.
So we now consider if it was the oil that was turning Mrs. CC on, or was it the sight of her muddied partner?
We hear what she thought of her oiled up outfit.
Mr. CC urges her to come into the mud.

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 48 secs
Mr. CC tells his wife not to come into his mud pool but to go in another one.
Mr. CC wants them to watch each other getting muddy in their own puddles.
So we continue for the moment as movie CC83 but now we can hear the full dialogue between them.
Mrs. CC slicks mud on her stockings, then lies full length in the mud pool, before lying on her side sloshing mud over her outfit.
Then she lies on her back, squirming in the mud.
She sits up and continues to daub the mud over herself flinging it over her front.
She kneels to show a very muddied arse which does impress Mr. CC.
She impresses him further by putting loads of mud down inside the front of her knickers.
Mrs. CC slings mud over her head then rubs mud into her neck and face.
She pours mud from her shoes over herself.
But Mrs. CC has had enough playing on her own!
She joins a very muddied Mr. CC slicking more mud over him.
She removes her red PVC top displaying a white short sleeved t-shirt underneath.
Mr. CC wastes no time in muddying up her white shirt.
They kiss affectionately.
Mr. CC pulls her on top of him.
He pulls up her skirt to hold her muddy knickered bum – see CLIP 2.

Mrs.CC writhes on top of his cock. Mr.CC pulls her knickers tight and sloshes more mud over her arse.
He rips away her top and her boobs are exposed.
Mrs. CC leans up while Mr. CC frees his hard cock.
She puts the cock between her tits while Mr. CC sloshes mud over them.
They continue to caress each other.
‘This is so lovely and sexy’, says Mrs. CC who goes down on his big dick.
Mr. CC then tells her to get on all fours as he wants to fuck her!
They start by frotting, then Mr. CC pulls down her knickers and covers her bum with mud.
He shags away lustily with great slurpy, slopping sounds.
He rips away her bra then covers her back with mud, continuing to pump away at her.
He finishes by coming over her arse…….leaving them both very satisfied.
Wow! Muddy sex! What a treat for us all!

In addition there are 68 enhanced (full screen) pics of the above action in image set M222XXX.
Do note that these pics are different from those shown in image set M222.
The shots show Mr. CC in cross-dress plus CC’s muddy fun together.
We show you4sample shots of the above action.

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