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Mrs. CC Xmas Cake

Run-time 36 mins 06 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

4 HD Streams plus 4 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

So where did mature Custard Couple get this idea that Mrs. CC should make her own Xmas Cake?
You do not see it on the movie, but we see Mrs. CC at the start of image set S476 excitedly displaying a Xmas cake she had made.
We are happy voyeurs as we watch another custom shot movie with Mr. & Mrs. CC taking the roles of Tony and Lucy.
Not surprisingly, the sponsor wanted the messiest of Xmas Cake movies!
But we are sure they were well satisfied with the result.

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 29 secs
The movie commences with the 1st Stream devoted to Mrs. CC preparing the Xmas Cake.
Our 1st sample shot shows how Mrs. CC looked as she set off with her baking.
Of course it is not long before she gets mess on herself.
At 04-15 there is egg yolk
At 05-16 cake mixture (as she says ‘More mess on me!’)
At 07-32 clear honey
At 08-26 flour – see free CLIP 1 for how she was progressing.

This has started as a slow preparation with plenty of chat from Mrs. CC.

Stream 2 runs 8 mins 14 secs
The action jumps markedly with the arrival of Mr. CC at the start of this Stream.
Her dress is a huge turn-on for him.
There is a jump in the action as amazingly CC indulge in Pissy play……..but not in this movie! – (see movie XXX082 Pissy Quickies 3 ……eventually.)
At 01-51 she reappears sitting on the drain-board having incurred a sprinkling of flour.
The messy action really kicks off as she spreads margarine over her outfit inviting Mr.CC to join in.
He wastes no time in putting the margarine into her knickers!
Next, eggs are smashed and go over Mrs. CC.
She changes position and leans over the drain-board to provoke Mr. CC with her fine arse! – see sample shot 2 as the eggs flow!.
Next, apricot jam is smeared over her bum and pulled down dress – see free CLIP 2

Next, plain yogurt goes over her back and lower hair, then a further tub down her front.
So far Mr. CC has escaped all the mess but now he gets the yogurt down his shirt.

Stream 3 runs 7 mins 41 secs
Mrs. CC sits on a chair and now the mess really begins to flow
Mr. CC says he is going to make the Xmas Cake on her head!
Strawberry then plain yogurts go over her head followed by clear honey.
See our sample shot 3 for a great yogurt/honey pic.
In fact we have a double treat as freeCLIP 3 shows the messy action as the clear honey is poured over her yogurt covered head.

So what messy ingredient could be next?
You guessed it……plenty of custard goes over her head!
After this her dress is removed.
Mr. CC pours honey over her back then spoons it on her boobs.
Mincemeat goes over her boobs and then down her panties! – see sample shot 4.
Mr. CC is really aroused now and takes the slops from the floor which he spreads over her stomach and boobs.
Mrs. CC asks him to ‘Fill me up with something else!’
She pours flour over her head and back and her boobs.
Mrs. CC is then more direct and says ‘I think we should have a fuck while we are so nice and messy!’

Stream 4 runs 10 mins 42 secs
Mr. CC bends her over the cupboard work-top.
Now if you think this is mild and gentle play……..that it is not! And foodstuffs keep being added!
One of my abiding memories of Xmas 2018 will be of a totally rampant Mr. CC shagging her from behind like a frantic piston and calling out ‘Fucking Happy Xmas!’ as he lets loose! (see 02-30).
Next they fuck on the floor as Mrs.CC wants to be fucked in the mess.
She removes her knickers then sits on him.
Mrs. CC asks for more mess on her.
She even wants fingers up her arse!
She rides Mr. CC’s cock urging him to ‘Fuck that pussy!’……..before she cums!
Is it now over?
Not at all!
Mrs. CC obliges with cock sucking and cock play!
Then Mr. CC sits on the floor behind her to finish the Xmas Cake epic with ‘Wet Snow Play!’
With that he pours very cold milk over her head and body!
See freeCLIP 4 for this milk action and also sample shot 5.

Finally, the Xmas Cake is put in the oven.
Then it is retrieved…..but there is a problem with a rectangular Xmas Cake!
Not that we mind……. for as secret yoyeurs we have enjoyed their very messy festive preparations!

MOVIE XXX079 has 4 HD Streams running 36 mins 06 secs.

IMAGE SET S476XXX has 139full screen shots.
We have detailed to you 5 sample images in the above description.
A crazy, crazy Xmas production complete with XXX fun.
And there is plenty of mess as the action and mess flow.
Check out our set of free sample images!

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Image Set S476XXX

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