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CC in Air Hostess and Pilot

Run-time 37 minutes

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams
plus 3 HD Sample Clips (raunchy but not explicit)

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 57 secs
We commence as Mrs. CC as an Air Hostess arriving home after her flight.
She produces a bottle of bubbly for Mr. CC and her to enjoy.
She has not seen her partner for days.
She opens the bottle of champagne and pours herself a drink.
Mrs. CC cools herself off with some water from a jug which makes her uniform shiny and clingy.
The champagne has gone to her head so she has become quite wetted.
After 5 mins 25 secs Mr. CC arrives as a convincingly dressed Air Pilot.
He wonders why she is so wet.
He has brought some presents for her which of course are messy foodstuffs.
Mrs. CC has missed her husband and her messy fun.
She shows off her seamed stockings to him.
Mr. CC discovers she is not wearing knickers.
Mrs. CC is impatient to get on with their messy fun.
Mr. CC shakes the champagne and sprays his willing wife – see CLIP 1.

She tries to reciprocate but there is too little drink left in the bottle.

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 40 secs
Entering indoors they find some foodstuffs specially prepared by Mrs. CC.
They start with a chocolate cake.
They rub each other’s outfits in cake as a warm-up!
Next is butterscotch Angel Delight.
Mr. CC takes advantage by holding the bowl to smear the dessert over her white blouse.
Then yogurt, which Mr. CC pours over her hat and side hair and it runs down over her blouse and skirt.
Mr. CC removes his jacket and lifts her skirt.
She daubs banana Angel Delight over his shirt and then he is rubbing the dessert between her legs.
Mr. CC sits down so Mrs. CC opens his trousers.
He slips his trousers down to expose his underpants and Mrs. CC removes her jacket.
Banana Angel Delight is applied to his underpants.
A carton of custard is added as Mrs. CC gently caresses his rampant cock!
Moving to his side she spreads yogurt down his shirt and underpants.
She puts her jacket back on and sits on his knee.
Mr. CC pours a carton of custard down her front.
Then Mrs. CC adds more custard over herself.
Mr. CC’s fingers have found their target and he friggs away while she smooches him.
Mrs. CC goes in front of him crouching to remove his trousers.
Kneeling in front of him she requests he pulls her skirt off and cover her arse with Nutella chocolate.

Stream 3 runs 15 mins 29 secs
Mrs. CC duly gets across his knee so giving Mr. CC full access to her bum and legs.
He spreads Nutella choc over her bum in an erotic move – see CLIP 2

Mrs. CC squirms in delight thoroughly enjoying the experience.
They embrace then Mrs. CC has the jar of chocolate.
She rubs chocolate over her thigh, arse and legs.
Mr. CC takes advantage to frigg his horny wife some more and then stimulate himself.
Mrs. CC gets up then sits on his right leg.
She invites him to play with her pussy and Mr. CC pours a tub of yogurt over her neck so it runs down both sides of her front.
Mr. CC has his tie removed (as they prepare to get down to more serious business).
He undoes her blouse and she his shirt.
The shirt is removed allowing Mrs. CC to caress his chest with Nutella chocolate.
Mrs. CC can delay no longer and says she needs to get on the floor as she needs a fucking.
They clear some floor space.
Mrs. CC thinks they only have ice cream left.
But Mr.CC surprises her with pies, commencing with a remarkable face shot – see CLIP 3.

There is more smooching before Mrs. CC invites a pie to be slapped on her bum.
The next pie is carefully pressed into Mr. CC’s cock!
He spreads her legs before slapping ice cream on her pussy.
Mr. CC removes his cap before going down to lick her pussy and then give it a vigorous frigging.
Mrs. CC rubs more ice cream over herself before Mr. CC lowers himself to retract flaps and set about satisfying a rather desperate wife.
She pours the remainder of the ice cream down his back and they rush along the runway to achieve lift-off!!
Mr. CC ends up wanking off over her pussy.
What a messy couple they make!
Mrs.CC complains that it “Did not last long! That was terrible!” She says.
“That was over so quick…… when you are desperate!”
Mrs. CC tries to adjust her food covered outfit to respectability, so she can show off her new flight attendant’s outfit!
Phew! Another delicious messy and entertaining time for us all!

MOVIE XXX081 has 3 HD Streams running 37 mins 06 secs.

IMAGE SET S481XXX has 139 shots
We show you 5 sample images from this set.
For once there have been no adjustments made to these images.
So let us see how you find these pics.
This is top Slapstick shot with humour plus relatively mild sex play.

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Image Set S481XXX

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