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CC in Mud Slut 12 – Wet & Muddy Horse Girl

Run-time 28 mins 14 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 15 mins 21 secs
This is the same as Stream 1 of normal movie CC98 plus the same CLIP 1.
However, it also includes 4 mins 51 secs from the opening of Stream 2 from movie CC98.
We now post the details of this 15 mins 21 secs opening Stream 1 of movie XXX083.

Mr. Custard Couple (CC) is searching for her missing horse.
She has to cross a small river to try and find him.
Of course she wears her riding jodhpurs and black jacket.
She walks down the river but suddenly the water becomes deeper, forcing her to turn about.
It is a very uneven surface so she stumbles about before falling forward into the water at 02-33.
Retracing her steps she takes a forward tumble into the cold river at 03-08.
She undoes her jacket.
Her jodhpurs are soaked.
She lies full length in the river enjoying the feel of the water over her.
At 05-19 she stands up and staggers off wading upstream to find a bank where she can exit.
But the exit bank she chose has a muddy exit.
She sits on the bank with her white jodhpurs stained with some mud.
She has found ‘some serious mud!’
And being Mrs. CC she just cannot resist playing in it.
She stomps around at the muddy exit before falling back and sitting in it!
She exits the river by the muddied bank (at 07-01), before sliding back in and getting her jodhpurs totally covered with the mud.
She sits there on the bank contemplating her situation before further stumbling around the wet and muddy exit bank.
She staggers about further, falling into the water and mud.
She clambers up the muddy bank before emptying her left riding boot of water – see free CLIP 1.
Then lifting her other leg, she empties her right boot of water.
She re-fastens the left boot she had starting to undo, then stomps further into the muddy river edge before moving away into the river.
She sits and tries to wash away the mud from her jodhpurs.
She lies full length on her back in the water.
She kneels up and splashes herself down, including the jacket.
Mrs. CC then lies back in the water again fully dressed to wash her hair.
But the water is beginning to turn her on.
She sits up to remove her jacket then wash it.
She dips her hair into the water and it oozes water as she kneels up.
She sluices herself down some more.
‘Most of the mud is washed off now’, she says.
She sets off again to find her horse after putting her soaked jacket back on.
Stream 2 runs 12 mins 53 secs
Opens as Mrs. CC takes a tumble into a muddy quagmire in the woods.
She stuns us all by taking a muddy facial!
Unbelievable!’ she says……and I am sure we all agree!
She hears her horse moving and sees he is safe.
‘Which is more than I can say for me’, says Mrs. CC in her muddied-up state.
She decides she needs a wee and we see it trickle inside her jodhpurs.
(Note that this is a very brief scene which only lasts 52 seconds.)
Then she is sprawling on her back in the mud again as she takes a muddy rollabout.
Well, she is the Mud Slut after all, so why not? – see free CLIP 2.

She gets her jacket and jodhpurs very muddy.
Mrs. CC lets off steam blaming her horse for her predicament.
But secretly, Mrs. CC is now enjoying herself.
‘Nothing like a good mudbath is there!’ She says.
She continues to squelch about further.
At 02-58 she removes her jacket.
She rolls about in the mud once more, doing her best to coat her body.
‘Lovely, lovely mud!’ she says, slathering it all over herself and opening up her blouse.
She is still dressed in her blouse, bra, jodhpurs and boots.
She undoes her jodhpurs to muddy massage her stomach.
She pulls her jodhpurs to her thighs and rubs mud over her bum, thong and thighs.
She stands up so we can see her muddied state.
And of course, she puts mud down her knickers!
Then Mrs. CC re-fastens her jodhpurs telling us ‘It feels so good!’
She stands up and squelches about.
She sinks to her knees to have a further playaround.
At 06-13 a stranger (Mr. CC) enters and is astonished to see her in such a muddied state.
But Mrs. CC has only one wish which is to get him as muddy as she is!
She ruins his shirt and jeans.
Before long she is pulling open his white underpants to take charge of his cock!
Mr. CC stands and offers his cock which Mrs. CC kneels up to suck.
The cock sucking play by the mud covered Mrs. CC lasts for 70 seconds.
Mrs. CC kneels down to have her mud covered body fondled.
He obliges by smearing more mud over her.
Mrs. CC persuades him to lie back in the mud.
She releases his cock again.
Mrs. CC stands and lowers her muddied jodhpurs to her knees, then sits astride her willing stranger.
His cock enters her for some muddy sex!
Their frantic sexual activity lasts almost for 2 minutes and is a graphic encounter.
With some racy dialogue, this is terrific muddy sex play.
Mrs. CC even dribbles spunk over him!
He comments that she has had her wicked way with him now!
‘Of course I have’, says a delighted Mrs. CC, ‘But wasn’t it fun though!’
Mrs. CC invites him to meet her again.
He kisses her goodbye and leaves!
So Mrs. CC is off to find the other man in her life……her horse!

In addition there are 70 enhanced (full screen) pics of the above action in image set M224XXX.
Do note that these pics are different from those shown in image set M224.
But you will receive all 178 shots if you purchase movie XXX083.
We show you 6 sample shots of the above wet and muddy action.

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