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Kimyl becomes "head" cheerleader

Run-time 38 mins 18 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

4 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips (clips are not explicit)

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 39 secs
Kimyl demonstrates her cheerleader moves.
The new head coach arrives.
Surprise! Surprise! It is Gary Gunge!
He is unimpressed with her routine, so he takes her through some routine moves.
Her white shoes do not impress him so he tries to make them red with tomato soup.
The coach checks her knickers but discovers she is wearing a white thong instead of full panties!
He slops some tomato soup over her bum.
He starts her training and he corrects her mistakes with some Slapstick treatment!
It is not long before the soup is flying!
Gary enjoys it much to the discomfort of Kimyl.
He tells her he is testing out the new colour of their uniforms.
He sprays the tomato soup over her outfit to demonstrate – see CLIP 1

Gary tells her he does messy stuff not dirty stuff!
He says this tongue in cheek as he slops up her knickers.
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 43 secs
Gary’s latest training aid is baked beans.
He pours these over Kimyl’s outfit.
Kimyl tells him he needs to get a new kit too.
Gary tells her the only way to gunge him is to go for the advanced course with him.
He continues to splatter her.
Gary undoes her dress before sloshing her back.
Her dress is removed and tomato soup poured over her body now clad in bra and knickers.
Gary flatters her while slicking up her body and hair with the tomato soup.
Kimyl asks Gary about his outfit which he says is always black.
Kimyl starts to daub him with baked beans.
She pours tomato soup over his head and jacket.
Kimyl gets two jugs of warm mushroom soup.
She invites Gary to pour it over her head, then she pours her jug over Gary’s head!
Gary splats her with spaghetti in sauce.
Kimyl tries to gunge Gary but is rather ineffective.
Gary starts to complete her training by removing her bra.
He lashes more spaghetti over her boobs.
He chats to her, putting her off-guard, before pouring the spaghetti into her knickers – see CLIP 2

He finishes by spraying spaghetti over her back.
Stream 3 runs 7 mins 35 secs
Kimyl is now just clad in her knickers, shoes and socks.
She continues to splat Gary with her spaghetti, while he attempts to splat her with baked beans.
She throws more spaghetti over his back and pulls open his trousers at the back to pop more in!
They reverse ingredients as Gary splatters Kimyl with spaghetti and she fights back with baked beans.
Gary opens his jacket and soon Kimyl is rubbing spaghetti into his chest. They both continue their assaults.
Gary introduces plastic bottles of Tomato Ketchup expecting Kimyl to have no sploshing experience.
But she surprises him with her prior knowledge – see CLIP 3

Kimyl surprises us with her expertise.
They continue to spray each other.
Kimyl sprays Gary on his head while Gary sprays inside her knickers.
Gary finally sprays some tomato sauce on Kimyl’s head.
He removes his jacket then he removes Kimyl’s knickers.
He rubs some spaghetti into her pussy.
Kimyl is in the final part of her training.
Gary frigs her pussy to excite her.
Kimyl bends over and Gary rubs spaghetti over her bum before playing with her pussy.
Gary pours a cascade of spaghetti hoops over her back and bum, much to Kimyl’s delight.
Gary asks her if she feels like she has been properly trained now.
Kimyl replies ‘Yes’.
Stream 4 runs 10 mins 21 secs (note – there is no free Clip for this Stream)
Gary tells her if she wants to be head cheerleader she must show she is really good at “head stuff”.
Gary invites her to see what she can do!
She pulls down his trousers and soon his cock is in her mouth!
We then have 9 minutes devoted to cock sucking and hand stimulation by Kimyl. Finally, Kimyl sits on the plinth.
Gary produces one more large jug of spaghetti hoops which he pours over Kimyl’s head and face as he announces her as “Head Cheerleader!”
What a great relationship between the supposed innocent Kimyl and her rather wily coach!
MOVIE XXX084 has 4 HD Streams running 38 mins 18 secs.

IMAGE SET S494XXX has a remarkable 226 shots.
This is WSM at its best and we show you 7 non-explicit sample images from this set.
The images are a mixture of posed shots plus extracts from the action.
Some fabulous Slapstick fun here moving from innocent and delight to full XXX mess!
Full of sporty action as Kimyl demonstrates her credentials for this sought after post!

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