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CC in Breakfast in Bed 1

Run-time 32 mins 03 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips (clips are not explicit)

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 52 secs
It is a lazy Sunday when CC awake and Mr. CC has the task of preparing the breakfast.
Mrs. CC cannot choose what to have and tempts fate by asking Mr. CC to surprise her.
He brings the first course which is yogurt in a cereal dish.
Mrs. CC is soon provoking Mr. CC by spilling the yogurt.
He decides to move things along by dribbling the yogurt on her boob then licking it off her!
For the next course he produces a jam sandwich.
Mrs. CC asks for more jam, so he gives her a full jar of strawberry jam.
Mrs. CC shares this treat – see CLIP 1.

At 6 mins 03 secs she starts to smear the jam on herself starting with her boobs.
Mr. CC is hugely impressed so gets a 2nd jar of strawberry jam.
Mrs. CC daubs some on Mr. CC.
She lies back while he smears the jam over her nightie, knickers, thighs and stockings.
It is time for the next course which is chocolate spread.
Mrs. CC says she needs to get this on his cock!
Once his cock is released she smothers it with choc spread and gives him a furtive suck.
Mr. CC senses the opportunity and removes his pyjama trousers.

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 56 secs
As Mrs. CC sits on the side of the bed, Mr. CC empties some choc spread over her boobs and mouth.
She turns her attention to his white underpants and pulling his cock out pours chocolate over it.
Mrs. CC admires his “choccie lollipop!”
She licks his choccie cock while he spreads the choc over her enticing white knickered bum in a delightful sequence running almost 2 minutes.
Mrs. CC lies back allowing Mr. CC to go down on her and tongue away at her pussy.
She adds more chocolate to encourage him to lick her in further play.
Then we move to the next course as Mrs. CC laughs in surprise as he produces fried eggs!
First she has to taste them then she fixes two eggs to her boobs!
She rubs the eggs around her boobs while Mr. CC not to be outdone wanks a fried egg!
After more messy egg play, Mr. CC decides it is time for the main breakfast.
This is beans and sausages.
Mr. CC offers a sausage for his sexy wife to suck, then she returns the favour.
Our minds boggle as she says she is “going to have a little play with her sausage!”
She rubs it up and down her clit then pushes it into her pussy while Mr. CC wanks away!
She pulls it out sucks it then gives it to Mr. CC to suck.
She slaps herself with the sausage giving Mr. CC the idea to use the sausage to spank her bum finishing with a hand slap.
Mrs. CC has the urge to spread Tomato Ketchup but Mr. CC gets there first spraying her stomach, boobs and pussy with the sauce.
With her legs raised he drizzles the Ketchup over both her legs then rubs the sauce over her body – see CLIP 2

Pulling her knickers aside he starts to frigg her pussy.

Stream 3 runs 11 mins 15 secs
Mrs. CC kneels up on the bed so Mr. CC can apply the Tomato Ketchup over her arse and back.
She presents herself for a doggie fuck and they pump away!
Mr. CC produces some yogurt that he pours over her bum and back and dips his cock in the carton.
Then we have another more prolonged doggie fucking.
Mr. CC gets another carton of yogurt and re-enters her to continue his doggie style fucking.
But this time he pours the yogurt over her head.
This excites Mr. CC further and he gives her a really vigorous doggie fucking until he climaxes.
Mr. CC then sets out to get his wife to cum.
She wants some more fucking so he obliges by entering her as she lies back then vigorously fucks her again until she cums!
As Mrs. CC lies back the ever insatiable Mr. CC pulls her knickers aside to lick her out!
So has the breakfast ended?
Not at all as here come the beans!
And the ambitious Mr. CC is keen for her to have a bean orgasm!
He is going to lick her until she cums and off he goes in prolonged sequences!
Mrs. CC puts beans down her panties and over her stomach in this messy finale to the breakfast – see CLIP 3.

Mr. CC friggs her then shoots his spunk over her pussy and stomach.
She is very excited now and friggs herself frantically to achieve her climax among the mess!
She needs cooling off after that frantic excitement.
Mr. CC says she has had no cereal, so a glass of cold milk is poured over her head and down her body. What a starter for the day!
Wow! Wonderful mess with mutual love and sexual fun!

MOVIE XXX086 has 3 HD Streams running 32 mins 03 secs.

IMAGE SET S478XXX has 119 shots
We show you 5 non-explicit sample images from this set.
The images provide a record of the action from the movie but conclude with 8 posed shots of Mrs. CC at the end of the set.
Great Slapstick fun as the images follow the action.
If you want Food and Sex then here it is!

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Image Set S478XXX

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