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Doctor Lucy investigates Tony’s Splosh fetish

Run-time 47 mins 44 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

4 HD Sample Clips in MP4
4 HD Streams in MP4

We have a challenging situation.
Doctor Lucy wants to treat Tony to reduce his Splosh fetish.
I have outlined this encounter but no actual dialogue is included.
Their behavior is the most intriguing aspect.
Can the Doc cure him?
Or is Tony too far gone to ever be changed?
A very interesting concept for a WAM movie.

Stream 1 runs 11 mins 20 secs
Custard Couple (CC) take off the parts of Doctor Lucy and Tony her patient.
Doctor Lucy is investigating the Splosh fetish of Tony.
She sploshes him with cream pies and custard to observe his reactions.
The aim is for Tony to admit that he is not enjoying being sploshed.
But we see the reality of the situation expressed in CLIP 1.

For Tony the therapy is not working.
In fact it is provoking him and to Tony there is only one outlet when he is sploshed.
Tony delights in sploshing ladies.
With an attractive and understanding lady doctor, it should not be any surprise to her when Tony says he has had enough of her therapy attempts.
So he sploshes the Doc and soon her white coat is coated with soup!
Tony reveals his thoughts and the Doc discovers that he just cannot stop himself.
She is still convinced that she can sort out his problem.
But everything she finds off-putting her patient just finds to be fantastic.
Tony her patient challenges her therapies.
She plays along as Tony sits her on a chair, as she believes that she can bring help to everybody.
He messes up her shoes and feet.
Then the Doc is very shocked when Tony confesses that he sploshes every day!
But Tony has gone into his own world and is failing to concentrate.
She reminds him that she is the Doc and they need to take it easy from here.

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 29 secs
Tony asks the Doc for a suggestion on how they should proceed.
She states that they should adopt a tit-for-tat approach by messing each other then assessing the results afterwards.
The Doc removes her previously white coat revealing a smart suit.
Once again the Doc is very shocked when her patient reveals that every time he sploshes up a lady, it always leads to sex! – see CLIP 2.

That is why he was seeking therapy.
Tony sploshes away at the Doc and gradually their messy play becomes more sexual.
She kneels on the floor and he covers her bum with yogurt.
Next, Tony is putting yogurt down her stockings.
The Doc is becoming more interested and starting to get turned on.
Tony pours yogurt down her cleavage and next into her panties.
As this is private therapy Tony reminds her that he has paid a lot of money for this session.
The Doc confesses she has not experienced anything like this before.
But she wants to understand what it feels like to be really aroused so she can document it!

Stream 3 runs 12 mins 00 secs
Tony sits on the plinth and slowly unbuttons his shirt.
The Doc covers his chest in yogurt and is visibly turned on with his food covered body.
The Doc is torn between her ethics of being a good doctor or enjoying this new naughty experience.
She fights a battle with her feelings while Tony removes her jacket.
He pours yogurt over her head massaging her hair then he rips her blouse open!
At this point they let themselves go and both splosh away.
They are attracted and kiss.
Tony becomes far more confident.
He gets the Doc to reveal her tits while she enjoys him sploshing her – see CLIP 3.

She asks Tony to remove his trousers and produces a bowl of chocolate Angel Delight.
Tony is ecstatic as she pours the bowl of chocolate dessert over him.
Then it is Tony’s turn.
He removes her blouse and she kneels as Tony applies a bowl of choc so it runs off her tits.
Tony rubs more chocolate mix on her and nuzzles her boobs.
Then she turns round and kneels up as Tony attempts to turn her into a chocolate brownie!
But Tony is far too clean so she applies chocolate over his back.

Stream 4 runs 13 mins 55 secs
The adventurous doctor puts chocolate down the back of Tony’s underpants.
She covers his back in chocolate and fondles his cock and balls.
Next, some very messy cock sucking for the Doc with Tony astride her.
She massages his cock and balls in return.
Then, a prolonged messy cock suck in close-up detail.
Tony removes his underpants for more freedom of play.
He does not forget the friendly Doc and he removes her knickers.
He sploshes her pussy and tits then enters her in the missionary position for a pulsating fuck!
The Doc shows great satisfaction – see CLIP 4.

Doc Lucy is very satisfied by her patient and begs him not to stop.
He sploshes her pussy again before giving her a good pussy lick and suck!
She moans contentedly.
Next, Tony plays with her arse as well as sploshing it further.
He pulls her to a kneeling position to continue shagging doggie style, then gets her to suck him clean!
The Doc astounds Tony by saying they have not had the finale!
Her sessions finish with cakes!
A large cake is placed on the chair. She sits on it squidging it on her pussy and rubbing it into her clit.
The Doc revels in this messy fun.
She stands and Tony inspects her bum before giving her a cream pie as she is bent over!
They finish with mutual large chocolate cakes to each others faces.
Doctor Lucy delivers her diagnosis.
Tony is utterly hooked on sploshing. He is going to need an awful lot of therapy!

IMAGE SET S469 has 175 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
This is a wonderful account of the messy encounter between the Doc and her patient (or should that be the other way round?)
These images have been processed with a new image manipulation program.
They include messy shots to the end of the normal movie (with the XXX shots excluded).
Some terrific WAM images here!
There are also some supporting images for scenes not shown in the movie.
In addition we now have Image set S469XXX with 79 pics including some not directly from the movie.

MOVIE XXX070 has 4 HD Streams running 47 mins 44 secs and is only available as a Download.
This movie includes the 3 Clips and Streams from normal movie WSM269 and CC166.

IMAGE SET S469 has 175 shots
IMAGE SET S469XXX has 79 shots

We show you 3 sample shots from image set S469XXX.

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