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Messy Dinner Date in the Garden

Run-time 21 mins 42 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips (clips are not explicit)

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 47 secs
Our movie commences with CC sitting in the garden toasting their dinner date.
Of course this is not a traditional dinner date.
CC say that they prefer to do their eating at home.
Mr. CC admires her little black dress and her new shoes.
Mrs. CC tells us that she “just can’t wait to get started on their dinner date” – see CLIP 1.

Mr. CC quickly finishes off his wine then reaches for a plastic bottle of lemonade.
Mrs. CC falls for his ruse of pretending to drink the lemonade as he is thirsty, but she soon finds out his real intent as he squirts the carbonated drink over her.
They stand up so Mr. CC can give his wife the full lemonade treatment.
His spraying of her is spectacularly successful and her dress is drenched!
Grabbing the lemonade bottle Mrs. CC tries to spray her wily hubby.
She does succeed and he is well wetted.
Mr. CC sprays a 2nd bottle of lemonade over his wife who is thoroughly enjoying the experience.
“It was our appetizer”, she says.
For the next course Mr. CC has chicken soup, thrown over him of course!
They squirm together before Mr. CC gets Mrs. CC’s starter which is tomato soup.
Of course it goes over her dress both front and back.
But this is more sophisticated, as Mr. CC commenced by pouring the tomato soup inside the front of her dress.
They check if the soup has run into her knickers.
Then a back shot……..but with a difference, as Mr. CC pours the tomato soup inside the neckline of her dress, so it runs down her back!
This always produces a gasp of surprise!
The rest of the tomato soup is poured over them both.
“Share and share alike”, says Mrs. CC.
Next on the menu is beans!
They both smear them on the upper part of her dress.
Mr. CC pulls her skirt up, as he is determined to fill her knickers with beans and Mrs. CC co-operates!
She does ask her hubby to “squash those beanies!”
The remainder of the beans go into Mr. CC’s underpants.
“Here’s my main course”, says Mrs. CC as his cock bursts free.
She kneels to nuzzle, lick and suck his cock.
Mr. CC takes the opportunity to pour chocolate Frijji drink over her hair and dress.
Mrs. CC pours some chocolate drink over his cock then sprays his shirt.
Further ‘weapons’ are chosen, tomato sauce for Mrs. CC and mayonnaise for Mr. CC.
They spray each other but Mr. CC seems to have the advantage!
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 55 secs
Commences as Mr. CC takes the Tomato Sauce bottle so he can spray his messy wife further.
She tries to provoke him by holding her knickers open for some tomato sauce.
Mrs. CC empties the remains of the beans over them as Mr. CC enjoys a messy grope!
The next course is chocolate milk which Mrs. CC splashes over him.
But not for long, as she is soon dousing herself.
Mr. CC decides that her hair needs messing!
And what better than Pea Soup.
Mrs. CC takes it in good heart, smiling and laughing as the thick mixture runs down her hair and upper body.
Mr. CC pulls down her dress to show it off as it is wonderfully tight and messy!
After Mrs. CC has shown off her dress, he decides her dress must come off, so he tears the top away.
Mrs. CC reciprocates by tearing off his shirt.
They slop lemon Angel Delight over each other and Mr. CC pulls her bra down to expose her boobs.
Mrs. CC removes her dress then selects some chocolate Angel Delight.
Mr.CC throws it over her back – see CLIP 2.

Then an interesting pose as Mrs.CC crooks her leg to allow Mr. CC some simulated thrusting play.
She selects the final food product which is Nutella.
Mr. CC removes his shoes and trousers while Mrs. CC daubs the Nutella over her body.
Mr. CC gets the Nutella applied to his body, then they kneel down to play with the Nutella further.
With them both rather messy Mr. CC produces his cock for some cock sucking by his very messy wife.
Mrs. CC asks for some custard.
She sits on his cock before pouring custard over herself as Mr. CC chugs away!
Then the naughty Mrs. CC indulges in a short pissy scene, as Mr. CC continues to fuck her!
She rides him with delight before Mr. CC cums.
She lies back while her knickers are removed, then Mr. CC re-enters with her in the missionary position.
Once again Mr. CC is soon pistoning away as he attempts to satisfy his ever horny wife!
Finally, they kneel together in the afterglow and embrace.
What a wonderful messy, sexy, loving and satisfying dinner date that was!
MOVIE XXX088 has 2 HD Streams running 21 mins 42 secs.

IMAGE SET S475XXX has 149 shots
We show you 5 non-explicit sample images from this set.
These images have been carefully prepared and show what many others do not….the detail and all the action.
Great Slapstick fun as the images follow the movie action.
If you want Food and Sex in the great outdoors…….then here it is!

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Image Set S475XXX

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