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CC in Wet White Linen Fun

Run-time 40 mins 06 secs

3 HD Streams
plus 4 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 11 secs
Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) has arrived at her holiday villa.
She views the swimming pool clad in white trousers over full white knickers, a striped top with a white t-shirt and bra underneath. But not forgetting her white high heels which she wears throughout this movie.
She sits on the edge of the pool dangling her feet in the water.
The warm sun makes her feel like having sex.
Soon she is in the pool and we know that this will be a wet clothes experience.
She spots the Jacuzzi and is soon tempted to get in.
She removes her striped top.
She exits the Jacuzzi and sits on the side of the swimming pool before plunging in – see CLIP 1

Then something more unusual here for Mrs. CC, as we see underwater shots in the swimming pool.

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 24 secs
Exiting the pool she takes a clothed shower – see CLIP 2

She ends up sitting then squatting on the floor under the probing shower streams.
All wetted, we see her going up the staircase to the top patio where she lies on a sunbed.
Next, she has decided to strip off in the Jacuzzi.
She initially removes her trousers followed by her t-shirt.
After posing in her bra and pants (admire those long, long legs), she removes her bra – see CLIP 3

Leaving the jacuzzi she collects her clothes then sits just in her panties in a whicker chair.

Stream 3 runs 18 mins 31 secs
Now the action changes from mild Wet solo fun by Mrs. CC to out and out raunchy XXX fun.
Mrs. CC enters the villa bedroom to rouse her sleepy husband – see CLIP 4

It is not long before she is giving her highly aroused husband some head.
Her wet clinging clothes have stimulated him and yet annoyed him as she had left him asleep.
So Mr. CC takes a provocative and arousing action by deciding that he will remove her clothes by tearing them off her!
We struggle to determine that when Mr. CC says “I’m going to destroy you!” Does he mean being full-on sexually rampant with his wife or being determined to rip her clothing apart (or both?).
Mrs. CC provokes him asking if the thought of her swimming in the water and her wet knickers turned Mr. CC on.
She gets her answer as he cums in her mouth!
Then he is ripping her white t-shirt open as he admires her big white knickers.
Using scissors Mr. CC cuts her trousers then knickers and they resort to mutual masturbation.
Playing with her pussy it is not long before he fucks her doggie style.
He then rips the back of her t-shirt and trousers before ripping her knickers further open.
Her wet panties and wet body cause Mr. CC to rip away her bra.
Now it is Mrs. CC who asks him to rip her trousers so he can get at her clitty!
Mr. CC obliges and she asks him to rub cum into her pussy.
He cuts her panties with the scissors then rips them open following up by ripping her trousers away.
Mrs. CC is now in tatters!
Mr. CC licks her out and squeezes a boob as Mrs. CC groans in delight!
“Suck it dry” she urges him…….“Keep licking it!”
He continues to frig her as we leave them well fulfilled with their sexual fantasies and desires.
A somewhat unusual shoot with the Wet fetish dominating, something not seen often in XXX movies.

MOVIE XXX089 has 3 HD Streams running 40 mins 06 secs.

IMAGE SET W439XXX has 176 shots
We show you 6 sample images from this set.
These pics all follow the movie action.
WSM do not publish free Pics or Clips of explicit action.
These can be found in the paid Download content.
Plenty of wet and sexy fun play here.

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Image Set W439XXX

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