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CC in Messy Fridge Raid

Run-time 34 mins 27 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams
plus 3 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 15 mins 36 secs
We commence with Mrs.CC sat on a stool in the kitchen eating a banana.
She asks Mr. CC where he is.
He is checking the fridge after the Xmas holiday as foodstuffs need using up.
Mrs. CC asks him to bring something she can nibble on.
Did she really want food or was she looking for messy play?
When Mr. CC brings in a large profiterole gateau, that decided things for Mrs. CC!
Soon she is stuffing profiteroles down her trousers!
Mr. CC catches on fast and asks his sexy wife to put some profiteroles down his trousers too – see CLIP 1.

Soon the profiterole cake has disappeared!
Mr. CC goes for further fridge items.
He leaves Mrs. CC to mess herself with a bowl of Raspberry Angel Delight.
When he returns he opens her blouse to spread the Angel Delight.
Mr. CC takes a turn to sit on the stool.
He pours custard down both the front and back of her trousers.
Mrs. CC is getting quite carried away and pours two tubs of yogurt over her head.
Mr. CC pours more custard over her shoulder and down the front of her trousers.
Next a star item which is the leftover turkey gravy from Xmas! – see CLIP 2

Some fabulous shots as Mr. CC pours the gravy over his wife’s head, face and front!
Mrs. CC pours a Yazoo drink over them both followed by chocolate milk!
She quickly moves on to mess herself and Mr. CC with chocolate Angel Delight.
Messed up…….it is now time to start the messy XXX sex fun!
Stream 2 runs 8 mins 12 secs
Mr. CC undoes her trousers which she slides down.
He messes up her sexy arse.
Then his cock is out and with Mrs. CC bent forward, he takes her doggie style.
Mrs. CC fantasizes that the remainder of the banana is his cock.
She murmurs in delight!
Mrs. CC pours custard over her arse followed by yogurt which runs down to Mr. CC’s cock.
Next, Mrs. CC is positioned on the corner of the worktop for more doggie play.
The camera angle is poor and until Mr. CC pulls away we are unable to appreciate the sexy situation.
He frigs her pussy before re-entering her.
She encourages him further pouring another Yazoo drink down her back.
Mr. CC continues his sex play and frigs her some more until Mrs. CC cums!
With 2 minutes remaining, Mrs. CC decides on a choccie dick lolly!
She pushes his cock into a jar of chocolate.
Then she delights in sucking him hard as Mr. CC pulls her head closer!
Mrs. CC enjoys spunk and chocolate.
Then it is time for a further change of activity and position.

Stream 3 runs 10 mins 39 secs
Mrs. CC sits in the corner of the kitchen.
She smears chocolate over her pussy while Mr. CC licks her pussy (they call it a choccie dipper).
Mr. CC tongues away while Mrs. CC daubs chocolate over herself.
“Chocolate pussy and chocolate tits” she says.
Mr. CC gives her a vigorous frigging.
Amazingly her brief knickers remain.
Mr. CC with his hand inside her knickers continues to frig her hard.
Mrs. CC starts to cum with the constant pussy attention.
Her knickers are removed.
She moans with pleasure and Mr. CC is also very aroused.
Next, she wants to fuck him on the floor.
She starts to stimulate him and then sits astride him facing the camera in reverse cowgirl.
Soon she is riding him hard!
Still not content she pours a carton of cold milk down herself while vigorously fucking him!
Mrs. CC caresses her boobs.
She squats on him one more time unable to believe that he wants more!
But he does as he continues with very vigorous thrusts!
Mr. CC cums again and is praised by his wife.
They sit together briefly afterwards before Mrs. CC redresses.
She wants to show us how messy her trousers are.
Pulling them up, we are all impressed.
Then she retrieves her blouse – see CLIP 3.

Phew! What a fantastic messy session filled with love and sexual fun!

MOVIE XXX090 has 3 HD Streams running 34 mins 27 secs.

IMAGE SET S482XXX has 131 shots
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These images have all been checked over and adjusted as necessary.
WSM as ever take great pride with our images.
This is a great Slapstick shoot with plenty of avid sex play.

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Image Set S482XXX

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