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CC in Mud Lust

Run-time 28 minutes 18 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 51 secs
Mr. CC is home early and is relaxing.
He finds his wife has just taken a shower.
Mrs. CC reveals her disgust that Mr. CC has failed to take her out for any mud play for a long time.
Being very frustrated she went off for her own mud play.
Mr. CC is annoyed because he has missed out!
Even worse for Mr. CC, is that she describes her muddy fun. (You can see this movie CC128 ‘Mud Slut 17 – Muddy Swamp’ currently due for publication on 17th December 2021).
But Mr. CC has a surprise for her!
While his wife was out, Mr. CC had the same thought.
He takes her out to see what he has prepared on their patio.
Under a gazebo in very heavy rain, Mr. CC reveals his muddy pool.
Mrs. CC is impressed and asks if she can get in now?
But Mr. CC surprises her by saying it is his turn!
Urged on by Mrs. CC, Mr.CC gets himself muddy in over 5 minutes of solo male muddying.
She gets him to do some thrusts in the squelchy mud.
He even muddies his face and gets his clothes fully muddy!
All too soon he is playing with himself in the mud.
The thunder rumbles as Mr. CC kneels up very muddied – see CLIP 1

Mrs. CC continues to comment and egg him on.
Mr. CC invites her in as he continues his muddy play.
The scene ends as Mr. CC plays with himself and exposes his cock!

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 38 secs
The sight of Mr. CC mud-larking very excites Mrs. CC.
She plays with herself.
Soon her hand is inside her knickers as Mr. CC’s mud play has got her going!
She provokes us and Mr. CC showing off her bum and her tight white thong.
Then she approaches Mr. CC to join in his fun.
She puts one leg in the pool and an excited Mr. CC kisses her pussy through her thong!
She steps out to show a pristine clean bum and white thong.
Mr. CC continues to lick her!
He then muddies up her bum and back while all the time they chat.
Mr. CC relishes smearing the mud over his pretty wife and her white clothes.
She does tell him “You like getting me muddy don’t you!”
Next, the front of her dress and arms are muddied up.
Now things are really getting muddy!
Lifting her dress, Mr. CC slops mud over her stomach and thong.
He tells her to get in the pool for some mud play so that he can watch and play with himself!
Sitting in the pool she muddies up her stockings and dress. – seeCLIP 2.

Mud goes down her back as she kneels up.
Mrs. CC enjoys her mud play before asking Mr. CC the ultimate question – see CLIP 3

Stream 3 runs 8 mins 49 secs
How could Mr. CC ignore such a horny request!
He joins Mrs. CC in the muddy pool.
He starts with some frotting, then clit play, before he enters her for some real rumpty tumpty!
He tears her clothes before slaking his lust with some vigorous thrusts!
But is Mr. CC satisfied?
As the thunder continues to roll, so does he!
He wants her fully muddy including her hair!
Mrs. CC tells him off for not noticing her camisole.
He covers her outfit in mud and starts on her hair.
He destroys her camisole to free up her boobs!
More mud daubing follows and Mr. CC nuzzles her muddy tits.
The rain intensity increases as does Mrs. CC’s orgasm!
Assisted by Mr. CC she very much enjoys the moments!
They sit and play in the mud together as Mr. CC continues to coat her in mud!
He kneels up to get better access.
Finally, they lie back together very happy and very muddy!
We finish the movie in an unusual manner.
Mrs. CC poses for some terrific muddy shots for the final 88 seconds.
We have put a musical backing to conclude what was a challenging yet great muddy experience for both Mr. CC and Mrs. CC (and us all!).

Image set M245XXX contains 178 images.
Only so much time was available.
The shots have been put into run sequence.
If you think it all just happens and every image comes out top notch, then think again.
They have been prepared but not overhauled.
Another day’s work in that……but a day I do not have spare.
So enjoy what you see.
If we manage to get a couple years on, when the movie and image set are re-reviewed, then I will overhaul the pics then.
We show you 6 sample shots from the action.

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Image Set M245XXX

No of Images 178  

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