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Custard Couple in Messy Dinner on the Patio

Run-time 25 mins 34 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips (clips are not explicit)

Stream 1 runs 13 mins 40 secs
After some initial apprehension (and we all know why) and an introductory drink, CC start their meal with chicken soup.
There are some unwanted guests…… not the neighbours but wasps!
CC talk about their intended messy dinner fun and inspect the foodstuffs for today’s feast.
Mrs. CC cannot wait to get trashed!
She starts to play with her bowl of soup, dribbling it down her expensive outfit.
Soon she is daubing it in her cleavage before pouring two bowls over herself.
Mr. CC joins in as his bowl of soup is poured down his front.
CC rub the soup over themselves.
Next, the spaghetti arrives!
A bold Mr. CC takes handfuls to put inside his trousers.
He wonders what Mrs. CC will do with the spaghetti.
See CLIP 1 for the answer.

Then we see Mrs. CC with yogurt running down her hair and the back of her clothes… she adds another cupful.
A standing Mr. CC pours the yogurt over his underpants, then his shirt.
He astonishes his wife bringing a very creamy cake to their fare and then plunging his hard cock into the creamy mess.
Mrs. CC fondles his cock affectionately daubing it with the creamy cake in teasing, erotic play.
Mrs. CC kneels up in her chair to expose her tight black knickers.
She rubs the creamy cake into her bum.
Yogurt is added to the creamy cake which Mrs. CC quishes over her bum while Mr. CC wanks away!
Mr. CC tries to touch but is warned off (as they had agreed a no-touch rule to begin with).
A bowl of custard is introduced.
Mrs. CC flings helpings over Mr. CC’s shirt splattering him up.
Taking a carton of custard she pours this over her jacket, cleavage, hair and down the front of her dress.
A seated Mr. CC takes a huge handful of custard to rub into his face.
CC both rub the custard into their clothes.
Mr. CC rubs his cock on the table food covered cloth.
Not to be outdone, Mrs. CC asks for the gravy.
She somewhat jumps the gun to pour the huge bowl of gravy over her head (which is sadly out of shot)!
We see the gravy splatter down!

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 54 secs
As this stream commences we see the results of the gravy over Mrs. CC.
Mr. CC is very aroused and wanks his cock.
Another bowl of gravy is introduced which goes over Mr. CC’s shirt then head.
Mrs. CC objects to their not being able to touch while Mr. CC sits playing with his cock.
Two containers of ice cream are introduced as CC try to cool down!
They slop the ice cream over themselves.
Mrs. CC removes her jacket then rubs her boobs into the messy table.
They move the table away.
Mr. CC sprays his horny wife with lemonade – see CLIP 2

Then they have a bowl each of Angel Delight.
Again, due to their no touch rule they slop the creamy desserts over themselves.
Mrs. CC removes her dress.
At last CC get into a clinch.
But there are still more foodstuffs as they each take a bottle of Ketchup.
Mr. CC attacks her neck and cleavage.
Mrs. CC espies his rampant cock and drops to her knees.
Crouching, she sucks his cock.
Mr. CC removes his shirt and Mrs. CC pours a jug of custard down his chest.
They fondle each other as the no touch spell has been broken!
Mrs. CC tells him she “needs to be fucked”.
She leans on her chair as Mr. CC frots her arse, but she asks to be “fucked hard”.
So Mr. CC enters doggie style responding to her requests to be “fucked harder”.
Mr. CC hammers away as best he can.
He asks her “Do you need me up the arse as well?”
And at 8 mins 00 secs Mr. CC obliges as they shag away!
A change as Mr. CC lies back while Mrs. CC crouches to sit on his cock, then they fuck away.
Mrs. CC requests that Mr. CC lie down.
Then it is a far more vigorous fucking .
Still not satisfied Mrs. CC asks for more.
She eventually cums and slides away.
They both end up well greased up with the foodstuffs, but very happy as their love shines through.
The movie ends with them still groping each other!
Now that was different but thank goodness we persisted to get this somewhat noisy version published.

MOVIE XXX093 has 2 HD Streams running 23 mins 34 secs.

IMAGE SET S491XXX has 156 shots
We show you 6 sample images from this set.
No noise here and some of these shots look so good.
We do hope you enjoy them.
What a happy mature couple they are!
Not often you see such very messy fun from a mature couple!

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Image Set S491XXX

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