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Custard Couple in Cross-Dress 2

Run-time 36 mins 35 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

This movie brought to mind the 1970’s play ‘Abigail’s Party,’
Originally this movie was titled ‘Cyril’s Cross Dress Party’.
And the similarity?
The hosts mentioned in the title do not appear!
But the dialogue is jaunty and explicit and inference and suggestion abound!
But having said that, at 36 minutes there is still plenty of action between Custard Couple (CC).

A summary of the action is:
Introduction as CC arrive together for cross-dress fun.
They go into one of the fetish rooms.
Start to play with the foodstuffs.
Host Cyril arrives in cross-dress.
Mr. CC departs to ‘play’ with his host.
Mrs. CC is excited by the view and messing herself with custard frigs herself.
There is a cross-talk of dirty comments between Custard Couple before they both cum (but not together).
Mr. CC returns to Mrs. CC who messes him up.
Mr. CC removes his dress and clad in bra, suspender belt and fishnet stockings gives his wife the shagging she craves!

Stream 1 runs 12 mins 15 secs
CC are invited to Cyril’s Cross-Dress party.
We see them arrive with Mr. CC in cross-dress while Mrs. CC looks stunning in a very tight red dress with black net insert top – see CLIP 1.

They go into one of the fetish rooms and Mrs. CC is impressed as they find a tasty range of foodstuffs.
Mrs. CC dips a finger in the cream then rubs it over her dress.
CC start to play their messy games and soon the custard flows down her red dress!
Party host Cyril enters the room.
Mrs. CC apologizes for starting to get messy, but she compliments Cyril on his outfit.
CC decide to make it up to Cyril as Mr. CC is going to suck his cock!
But this is all the power of suggestion as Mr. CC leaves the picture at 8 mins 18secs.
We then have verbal banter between Mr. and Mrs. CC as he services Cyril.
Mrs. CC is turned on and lowers her knickers to pour custard over her shaved pubes as she now monopolizes the movie!
Custard flows freely down her outfit.
She continues to comment on Mr. CC with Cyril.
She becomes so excited that she uses both hands to frig herself using the custard as lubrication!

Stream 2 runs 8 mins 57 secs
This Stream is devoted to Mrs. CC’s solo messing-up.
She sits on the table for pussy play using her good friend ‘custard’.
She continues to comment on the play between her husband and Cyril and Mr. CC responds.
Cake is introduced and Mrs. CC is soon very messy.
Custard is poured down her arse.
The naughty banter continues between her and Mr. CC.
More custard is poured over Mrs. CC as she frigs away at her clit.
Cross-talk between Mr. and Mrs stimulates them both.
Mr. CC cums closely followed by his horny wife.
CC agree with Cyril to remain in this playroom.
Mrs. CC continues to mess herself up – see CLIP 2.

The Stream ends as Cyril leaves the room.

Stream 3 runs 15 mins 23 secs
Mr. CC returns to Mrs. CC.
She messes up his dress as he is far too clean!
Lifting the dress she messes his panties and fishnet stockings– see CLIP 3.

Mrs. CC gets him to lie on the table so she can mess him more.
She lies against him then soon is adding cream to his cock before sucking and wanking him!
Raspberry dessert is applied over his cock and balls.
She pulls him from the table so he can remove her dress.
Mr.CC delights in rubbing Chocolate dessert over her boobs.
Mrs.CC lies on the table as Mr.CC removes her knickers.
Mr. CC removes his dress before entering her pussy!
Next he gives it to her up the arse.
Mrs. CC kneels on the table as Mr. CC now clad in bra, garter belt and fishnet stockings, takes her doggie style while spreading custard down her back.
Penetration views are poor despite the reality of the action.
There are some better views on the doggie fucking before Mr. CC explodes!
Mrs. CC sits against the wall while Mr. CC messes her up further.
She rubs his cock in the cream.
With her sitting against the wall open legged, Mr. CC takes the opportunity to lick her pussy!
His tonguing stimulates her!
Finally, they lie and sit on the table very messed up and well spent!

In image set S451XXX there are 108 shots.
WSM are changing their approach to the images which are very time consuming.
Nobody seems to appreciate them!
Normally the missing blanks would be filled in…….but not now!
The captured shots include an additional 12 solo shots of Mrs. CC at the end of the shoot.
These do not figure in the video.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S451XXX.

MOVIE XXX095 has 3 HD quality Streams running 36 mins 35 secs.

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Image Set S451XXX

No of Images 108  

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