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CC in the Easter Bunny is Sploshed and Fucked

Run-time 14 mins 23 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams
plus 2 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 7 mins 12 secs
Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) is our Easter Bunny dressed in a pale long sleeved top.
She wears a black bra, shorts (but no knickers), open cut tights (allowing plenty of access) and heels.
We commence with a not too difficult Easter egg hunt.
But there is a little more involved in just finding the chocolate eggs.
Big Buck Mr. CC tells her in his note that she is going to be his Easter treat.
She will be gunged, pied and shagged!
He requests her to put on the Bunny ears to complete the outfit.
Mrs. CC saves the Easter eggs from any mess.
Big Buck Mr. CC has a gunge pistol which he fires at his willing Bunny.
Of course Mrs. CC adopts some provocative poses.
Mr. Buck continues to fire the gunge gun but with slow progress.
So he tells his Bunny that he wants so much more.
See what he means by viewing CLIP 1.

The Easter Bunny assesses the situation well and tells him he was not joking!
The emboldened Mr. Buck lets her have the full gunge treatment!
It provokes the right response from our Bunny who says “Yea baby, cover me!”
So Mr. Buck turns her into a very slimy babe!

Stream 2 runs 7 mins 11 secs
Now it is time to bring on the cream pies.
We see one prepared and applied – see CLIP 2

Mr. Buck is pleased with the results.
But our Easter Bunny has a more desperate need now.
She gets on the ground to roll in the mess.
Messed up…….she kneels up in a provocative pose to Mr. Buck!
He has just the remedy as he slops two cream pies over her bum!
Dispensing with the plates, Mr. Buck rubs in the cream.
Then with her lying on her back, he undoes then removes her shorts.
As a randy Bunny Mrs. CC is of course instantly available!
She lies on her stomach before rolling onto her back splaying her legs far apart!
Just the target for Mr. Buck as he slaps a cream pie into her!
This arouses our Easter Bunny who takes matters in hand.
Soon Mr. Buck’s rampant cock is exposed as she lies on her back, dragging Mr. Buck to her!
And so the shagging begins.
She asks him to fuck her arse!
After slavering her bum with gunge Mr. Buck obliges.
He shows some arse adoration before coupling up again, as a randy Buck would!
They end as the Bunny sucks his cock and he kisses her boobs!
They wish each other a Happy Easter!
There are then some final poses from our Easter Bunny to conclude the movie!
The movie may be short, but it is sweet!

MOVIE XXX097 has 2 HD Streams running 14 mins 23 secs.

IMAGE SET S452XXX has 98 shots
We show you 5 sample images from this set.
We have had to limit our shots as our image adjustment program updated.
But the new program was useless!
However, a further quickly updated version has now restored sanity!
This is a great Slapstick shoot with some avid sex play.

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Image Set S452XXX

No of Images 98  

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