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CC in Valentines Celebrations 2021

Run-time 25 mins 00 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams
plus 2 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 11 mins 16 secs
Mrs. CC is dressed in red and black underwear sitting on the couch.
Mr. CC offers her a chocolate lollipop.
Mrs. CC provokes him by showing a greeting written on her bum ‘Happy Valentine’ with a heart.
She leaves him to prepare her special treat.
She has prepared a paddling pool decorated with red balloons in the next room.
She tells Mr. CC that she ‘hopes he is looking forward to a nice dirty Valentines Day!’
Mrs. CC prepares by pouring chocolate sauce over her sexy red/black underwear – see CLIP 1.

She continues to pour the chocolate over herself.
She admits to liking ‘eating chocolate and getting covered in chocolate!’
Mrs. CC is preparing herself for their Valentines treat.
She caresses the chocolate over her body.
Mr. CC has the anticipation of getting Mrs. CC totally messed up for him.
She provokes him more with her descriptions of her intended messy Valentines Day sex fun.
Mrs. CC continues to add chocolate over her body.
She stands to show us her chocolate covered body.
She asks Mr. CC which part of her body he most likes covered in chocolate?
He tells her he likes it down her panties and over her arse.
So Mrs. CC accordingly covers her bum with the chocolate.
Her preparations are now complete and it is time for Mr. CC’s surprise!
She tells him she is going to wrap herself up to look like a sweetie for him.
And the treat is for Mr. CC to unwrap the sweetie and see what is underneath!

Stream 2 runs 13 mins 44 secs
Mrs. CC calls him for his surprise – see CLIP 2

  She tells him she thought he would enjoy pouring the liquid chocolate over her.
‘I want you to cover me in chocolate’ she urges him.
So Mr. CC pours chocolate over her, including her hair.
She talks dirty to him as his excitement starts to build.
Mrs. CC gets down in the pool as Mr. CC continues to pour chocolate over her.
He nuzzles her chocolate boobs.
He unwraps her top then removes her trousers.
He peels the sweetie wrappers away!
Mrs. CC is wanting a ‘good shagging in the chocolate!’
‘I so want to be fucked’ she says.
Now they are really enjoying their Valentines Day messy fun!
Mr. CC gets his cock out then we have 7 minutes of XXX fun with doggie sex
Mrs. CC splays her legs
Mr. CC takes her with her heels on his shoulders!
Then a blowjob from Mrs. CC with hand wanking
Mr. CC finger frigs her arse
Then more doggie sex with Mrs. CC facing the camera over the pool
Finally clit play.
Mrs. CC is very vocal and totally enjoys the sex play.
They chat continually to each other.
A few timings here from Stream 2
At 7-15 Mr. CC cums
At 8-00 her knickers are off
At 10-33 her bra is off
From 11-23 to 11-58 Mr. CC finger frigs her arse
From 11-26 to 12-00 Mrs. CC has a prolonged orgasm
At 12-15 more doggie sex
At 12-39 Mr. CC cums for a 2nd time
Finally satisfied……..the dirty pair relax with a glass of wine and toast us all.
‘Happy Valentines Day everybody!’
Whoah! More wonderful messy moments and sex fun from Custard Couple!

And was there another movie shot in 2022?
Of course……with Mrs. CC in a schoolgirl outfit with delights and custard!

MOVIE XXX098 has 2 HD Streams running 25 mins 00 secs.

IMAGE SET S484XXX has 127 shots.
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Our sample pics and movie clips do not contain XXX material.
But there are plenty of pics of sex activities if you purchase the movie.

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