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Custard Couple in Classy to Slutty

Run-time 34 mins 02 secs

3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1 runs 15 mins 16 secs
We see CC leaving a wedding reception.
Mrs. CC tells us she wants to get soaked then messy with cakes.
When home she immediately gets under the shower outdoors on the verandah to get nice and wet for Mr.CC while still in her wedding attire – see CLIP 1.

She is soon showing Mr.CC (and us) her brief underwear and her special wedding stockings.
And this gets better as we have 2 cameras to view this Wet then Messy encounter.
Mr. CC enters and enjoys feeling up his pretty wife in her wet outfit.
She urges Mr.CC to ‘ride this arse’ by frotting her.
Mr.CC gets wet in his suit before freeing his sexy wife’s tits.
Soon Mr.CC has his rampant cock out.
4 minutes into the movie he is coupled up for some doggie play and shags away as they both are drenched by the shower.
Mrs.CC is now well turned on and Mr.CC feels her before more arse frotting.
He comes in front of her to pull her top down.
With the 2nd camera we get some good close-up play as the shower cascades down.
After 7 mins Mrs. CC kneels on the ground asking for some hard sex.
Mr. CC obliges and chugs away!
Mr. CC increases his pace urged on by his lusty wife.
She admires his cock.
She exposes her pussy and Mr. CC frigs her as she squats down.
He pulls her tits free before Mrs. CC who is sitting goes down on him.
With 2 cameras the experience is again varied.
Mrs. CC sucks away, then Mr. CC goes down to tongue the clit of his excited wife.
Her dress is finally taken off at 12 mins and Mr. CC is impressed with her stockings and undies.
He nuzzles her boobs before they stand to caress each other.
But the randy Mr. CC penetrates her again for more standing doggie play!
Mrs. CC is brought to a climax and very much enjoys the moments.
Mr. CC fondles her further as he wants more.
They both look forward to getting messy with cakes as Mrs. CC says she wants to be covered ‘head to toe!’ We end with some nice leg shots of Mrs. CC who gets under the shower.

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 46 secs
Mrs. CC goes into the garden and sits on a bench surrounded by foodstuffs.
‘So you want me fucked up?’ she asks Mr. CC.
By ‘fucked up’ she means totally messed up! She starts with squirty cream canister over her tits, then rubs the cream into her body aided by a bowl of thicker cream.
She sploshes herself with the cream as Mr. CC urges her to ‘spread it all over’ including her legs.
Mrs. CC produces a chocolate éclair and tongues it.
‘Do you lick the chocolate off or break it apart for the cream?’ she asks.
Pulling her knickers aside she rubs the creamy cake into her pussy much to her husband’s satisfaction.
Next, she suggests treating her arse with the cream cakes.
She rubs one up and down between her bum cheeks.
Mr. CC heartily approves.
Then taking another squirty cream canister she squirts the cream over her bum and back.
She espies some chocolate spread. This goes over her bum, then turning to face the camera she covers her front with the chocolate spread – see CLIP 2.

Mr. CC offers her a creamy donut to eat squeezing the cream into her mouth.
Mrs. CC smears chocolate over Mr. CC’s chest.
Then she rubs another chocolate éclair over his cock plus chocolate spread while wanking him!
Next Mrs. CC pours custard over his cock and chest.
She gives his cock a quick lick before Mr. CC deluges her with custard all over!
A large cream cake is produced which Mrs. CC splats on her head.

Stream 3 runs 9 mins 40 secs
Mrs. CC is covered with the cake which falls from her head all over her. She massages it into her body.
CC sit together on the bench and Mr. CC feels her messy tits.
Mrs. CC takes a carton of custard to pour over her tits and legs while Mrs. CC massages the custard.
Mrs. CC produces two further cartons of custard.
One goes over Mr. CC’s head and chest as they sit together on the bench mutually sploshing each other – see CLIP 3.

They share a custardy kiss.
Mr. CC feels her pussy before tonguing a very custard coated tit!
Mrs. CC takes a carton of yogurt and pours it over Mr. CC.
Then taking a 2nd carton of yogurt this goes mainly on her left breast.
Mr.CC is excited and wanks himself with the yogurt and custard.
Seeing his hard cock Mrs. CC asks ‘Can I sit on you?’
She inserts his cock sitting astride him reverse cowgirl.
Mr.CC pistons away while Mrs. CC taking another chocolate cake sploshes the cake over her pussy, boobs and body.
She rides him while enjoying the mess.
A further chocolate cake goes over her head and body while they chug up and down in unison.
Mr. CC finger frigs her.
Mrs. CC produces a tub of ice cream which she deposits on her head and body as Mr. CC shags away.
Mrs. CC gets up for another chocolate cake then sits on Mr. CC’s cock cowgirl style.
Mr. CC rubs chocolate cake over her arse.
She stands up while he continues to apply chocolate cake to her bum and pussy.
Mrs. CC kneels with her hands on the bench.
Mr.CC rubs more chocolate over her bum and pussy.
He maneuvers her for another very messy doggie fuck.
He rapidly increases his tempo to give her a good shagging.
At 7-02 Mrs. CC lies on her back in a very messy state.
Lifting her legs Mr. CC enters her again and chugs away until he cums.
They lie together and he spoons her.
Mrs. CC soon cums as she is exhausted with all the food play and shagging.
Finally, they sit together completely messed up but totally satisfied!
Mrs. CC wanted Wet then Messy……..and she certainly got it!

Image set S485XXX has 234 shots.
With 2 cameras there was far more output.
But getting the shots in sequence was quite a task!
And this week time was certainly a limiting factor.
But the results are terrific and beat any algorithm any day!
And we have ended with 12 posed shots which are not in the movie.
We show you 6 sample shots from image set S485XXX

MOVIE XXX100 has 3 HD quality Streams running 34 mins 02 secs.

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Image Set S485XXX

No of Images 234  

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