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Custard Couple in Messy Tribute to HM Queen

Run-time 44 minutes 21 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 4 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1 runs 21 mins 03 secs
Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) tells us that their friends Tony and Lucy have come up with a great idea.
“Here we are to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in all her glory.
We are going to celebrate it in Mr. & Mrs. CC’s way, which obviously is going to be Messy – cakes and cream pies, custard pies.
To the Queen, from one of the many Queens of WAM” says Mrs. CC.
We hear the National Anthem which remarkably includes the lines:
“Thy choicest gifts in store, on her be pleased to pour.”
So hats off to CC who take this devotion literally!
The array of foodstuffs are displayed.
We see Mr. and Mrs. CC formally dressed before they go to their sploshing ball.
Mrs. CC expresses her sploshing desires.
Then off we go with the 1st pie thrown at 5 mins 11 secs.
Just over 5 minutes later we have reached pie number 15.
Here is what occurred:
No. 5 is a cream pie smeared on her dress covering her boobs.
No.6 lifting her dress, this cream pie is applied to her right leg.
No 7 is a sloppy cream pie into her knickered crotch.
No 8 Not satisfied, Mr. CC slops a cream flan into her crotch again.
No 9 Mr. CC tries to jam a cream pie between her legs!
No 10 is a chocolate cake which he slops into her pulled forward panties.
Mrs. CC is already starting to be aroused which alarms Mr. CC who tells her to put her dress down.
No 11 is a jug of cream slopped down her front.
No 12 a double helping, as custard is squirted at her face and bust.
No 13 when Mrs. CC is turned round, she takes this next pie on her bum.
No 14 has Mr. CC pull open her dress in the middle of her back, to pour in a chocolate sundae.
No 15 Mr. CC lifts her dress to slop a cream pie on her knickered bum.
No 16 follows up with a cream flan which is rubbed around her bum.
No 17 is a carton of cream thrown down her back and hair.
She pulls her dress back down.
CLIP 1 shows the devastating effects of No 18, as custard is thrown at the provocative Mrs. CC, followed by No 19 with a carton of cream hitting the right spot for Mr. CC!

No 20 is a Black Forest gateau rubbed in her face, which sends Mrs. CC groping for his cock!
Next two pies nos 21 and 22 splatted on the side of her head!
Nos 23 and 24 have two cartons of custard thrown then poured.
Mrs. CC lifts her dress.
No 25 a pie to her left boob
No 26 custard is thrown over her (mainly on stomach and knickers).
Nos 27 & 28 with two sloppy cream pies, one to each boob!
No 29 has Mr. CC slopping her bum with a cream cake.
Time for a change of tactics as a table is introduced.
Mrs. CC lies back on the table as they estimate 30 sploshes have occurred.
On we go with No 31 as she is slopped in the middle of her tummy as she lies back with her skirt up.
No 32 has a sloppy pie poured between her legs.
No 33 is another sloppy pie poured on her dress below her bust.
No 34 is a cheesecake plus cream slopped into her crotch as Mr. CC holds her legs open!
No 35 is a carton of chocolate yogurt poured over her clothed boobs.
No 36 has a carton of custard poured down her tummy and chest.
No 37 has another carton of custard poured down her front from bust to knickers, which she rubs in!
No 38 has things turn even more messy! Mrs. CC removes the tiara from her hair and leans up. Mr. CC pushes a chocolate cake into her face, rubbing it around, then kissing her while feeling her boobs!
Stream 1 ends with CLIP 2 with No 39 as Mrs. CC opens her legs and cream is poured down her front as she sits on the table. This is followed by No 40 as a cream flan is splatted on her boobs and well rubbed in by Mr. CC.

Stream 2 runs 23 mins 18 secs
We will now follow the timeline so you can appreciate what happens.
Mrs. CC sits on the table as Mr. CC continues with splosh No 41as plenty of cream flows.
She lies on her back provocatively for numbers 44 and 45.
We show you Clip 3 with no 46 as the cream continues!

After 02 mins 03 secs Mr. CC hauls her to a sitting position and continues to slop mess over her.
There is another biggy at No 50 as Mrs. CC lowers her dress top as a cream pie is slopped over her black bra.
The sploshings get forgotten at 03-10 as Mrs. CC urges Mr. CC to “fuck this gorgeous arse!”
Anal play continues to 04-51.
Then Mrs. CC rolls onto her back for some missionary pussy fucking which ends at 06-33.
She complains that he has stopped yet she is so turned on!
But back to the sploshing with No 51 at 07-03.
Then a feast of messy fun as cream goes over her bum and legs in Nos 51, 52 and 53.
No 54 features chocolate yogurt over her bum, which is then nuzzled by Mr. CC.
Nos 55 and 56 go over her shoes.
Mrs. CC sits on the table to pour No 57 into her mouth.
By No 58 at 09-06 her tits are out.
After No 60 at 09-31 we have more sex play as Mr. CC gets his cock out.
Mrs. CC sucks his cock, then sucks his balls before tonguing his shaft, ending at 11-33.
Mr. CC pulls back her dress to expose her arse and is unable to resist.
We have good visuals as he enters her doggie style at 11-49.
This ends when Mr. CC cums at 12-42.
Mrs. CC admires his cock through his nude underpants.
Splosh No 61 being chocolate yogurt is poured into Mr. CC’s underpants.
Mrs. CC plays with his cock and balls!
At 14-30 the sploshing continues with more cream pies commencing at No 62.
Mrs. CC throws cream pies Nos 62, 63 and 64 at Mr. CC.
Mr. CC retaliates and throws Nos 65 to 70 at her.
We show you Clip 04 as we pick up the action with Mr. CC throwing an ineffective No 69.
But he scores a direct facial hit on Mrs. CC at No 70.
However, Mrs. CC gets a bulls eye on the clean Mr. CC with No 71, while he just has to take No 72.

The action is now fast and furious!
Mrs. CC delivers Nos 71 to 78
Mr. CC splats Mrs. CC on her chest with No 79 at 15-46.
Being well splatted himself, Mr. CC decides to take special trouble with No 80 as he rubs it into his wife’s face and hair!
Her dress is removed at 16-17.
Mrs. CC splats herself with Nos 81 and 82 into both sides of her head!
Not content with that, she splats No 83 on her head.
Next is a double creampie as No 84 is rubbed by Mr. CC into both their faces!
Then it is tit for tat.
For No 85 Mr. CC splats Mrs. CC’s chest.
In No. 86 Mrs. CC places a cream pie on Mr. CC’s head.
No 87 sees Mr. CC splatting her bum.
No 88 sees Mrs. CC splatting Mr. CC’s bum through his trousers.
In No 89 Mr. CC rubs a creamy pie on her back.
Then in No 90 Mrs. CC splats a creamy pie on Mr.CC’s left shoulder.
Mrs. CC now has the upper hand and splats Mr. CC over his underpants with cream pies 91, 92, 93.
No 94 goes on his chest then No 95 on his head!
No 96 is the final splosh! They take a pie each, a cream pie for Mrs. CC and a choc cake for Mr. CC.
At 18-40 they simultaneously splat each other for an appropriate finale!

  They still have 2 cakes remaining.
But the sploshings have finished.
At 19-23 they are sat on the floor.
The two cakes are put together and custard poured over them.
Mrs. CC attempts to sit on the cakes but misses!
She laughs away before they kiss.

  We have a final very civilized scene as they both take tea.
The Queen always stopped for a nice cup of tea.
Mr. CC introduces something else the Queen liked – Marmalade sandwiches!
At 22-23 we have a final summary with the movie ending at 23-18.
A wonderful Sploshers Tribute to a wonderful life!

  MOVIE XXX101 has 2 HD Streams running 44 mins 21 secs.

IMAGE SET S497XXX has 220 shots
We show you 6 sample images from this set.
A comprehensive collection of some wonderful splosh shots.
Did that really happen?
Well seeing is believing including CC’s sex fun!
Another classic movie and image set from Custard Couple!

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