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Custard Couple in Easter Bunny Messy Fun

Run-time 23 mins 52 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Sample Clips in MP4
2 HD Streams in MP4

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 38 secs
Custard Couple (CC) are in the countryside.
Mrs. CC is on an Easter egg hunt.
She has to find her last egg before she can get pied!
She finds the missing small cream egg.
In her Easter outfit and bonnet, Mr. CC gives her an Easter treat.
He splats the cream pies on her and her outfit.
‘Just what I wanted’ says Mrs. CC.
Then a bulls eye shot by Mr. CC – see CLIP 1.

But Mr. CC soon runs out of pies much to his wife’s dismay!
She wants to get covered!
But she has to wait to go back home for a further pieing.
Mrs. CC strips down to her bunny outfit.
She teases Mr. CC showing her boobs.
Back home, an impatient Mrs. CC awaits the pies.
Soon they are flying!
Mr. CC lustily throws the cream pies.
Changing his style he goes in close to smooth special pies on his ‘messy bunny’.
Mrs. CC gets the ultimate face shot!
They enjoy their intimate caresses.
Mrs. CC is invited inside for some ‘bunny fun!’

Stream 2 runs 15 mins 14 secs
Coming indoors, Mrs. CC reclines on a covered sun lounger dressed in her Easter Bunny outfit.
‘You did promise me more mess’ she says to Mr.CC.
Mr. CC pours yogurt over her front – see CLIP 2.

Mrs. CC urges him on saying ‘She did say she wanted to be covered in it!’
She realizes that she will be a very messy bunny.
Mr. CC continues with the yogurt pouring it all down her body.
He enjoys rubbing it in.
Mrs. CC changes the mood saying she needs to ‘Suck that cock’.
So the sex play commences.
Mrs. CC messes up her husband’s briefs with the yogurt, then removes his cock to suck him while stimulating her own clit.
Mr. CC pours more yogurt over her hair.
Next, Mr. CC adds custard to his cock knowing that this will be a must suck for Mrs. CC!
He plays with her tits while Mrs. CC continues to stimulate herself before deluging her front in custard.
Mr. CC removes his trousers to get down to serious play.
He fondles and slicks his messy wife.
Using scissors, Mr. CC cuts the gusset of her bunny outfit to expose her pussy, while Mrs. CC urges him to suck her out!
Mr. CC showers her pussy in custard and then frigs her to arouse her further.
Then he goes between her legs to give her the tonguing she craves!
She yells in delight then pours more yogurt down her body.
Mr. CC plays with her clit provoking loud moans from his aroused wife.
Then he licks her out!
Mrs. CC has her extended orgasm.
Then she tells him to fuck her from behind.
She wants to be fucked hard as a naughty bunny should be!
Mr. CC pumps away at the same time pouring more custard over her head and back.
She urges him along until Mr. CC cums.
With Mrs. CC sitting back, he continues to play with her as she calls him such a bad buck, while she is a very naughty bunny.
But a final Easter surprise awaits Mrs. CC.
We see her lying on her bed surrounded by Easter Eggs.
She reckons she deserves these treats after a day of being pied, messed up and being extremely naughty.
Now that was a very special Easter treat not just for CC but for us all!

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MOVIE XXX103 has 2 HD Streams running 23 mins 52 secs

IMAGE SET S493XXX has 116 shots

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