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CC in Mud Run 1

Run-time 23 mins 45 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1runs 12 mins 27 secs
Mrs.CC urges Mr. CC to go for a run with her.
But he wants to watch a rugby match.
Mrs. CC does her best to urge him to join her but Mr. CC is very downbeat.
He says “It will be cold, wet and all muddy”.
So off Mrs. CC goes quite disgusted at his attitude.
We have 10 minutes of viewing Mrs. CC’s mud run.
Conditions do look cold and wintery with waterlogged fields and plenty of muddy patches.
During her run Mrs. CC experiences 7 falls into the wet and muddy areas.
See her as she nears the end of her run when she manages to lose a shoe- See CLIP 1.

But despite Mr. CC’s vehement denials of any interest in going on the run, of course he does.
He accompanies his wife to film her muddy and wet run!

Stream 2runs 11 mins 18 secs
To continue our story, Mrs. CC arrives home with her tight, clinging jogging pants well wetted and muddied.
Mr. CC is taken aback as Mrs. CC explains what has happened.
She removes her muddied shoes.
“I am a little bit muddy”, she says.
“It’s quite horny”, says Mr. CC.
Soon he is pulling down her trousers to view her muddied knickers – See CLIP 2.

  Mr. CC undoes his trousers and soon his cock is out.
She sits atop him while Mr. CC frots his cock on her muddied trousers, as they rock back and forth.
He caresses her muddied panties again.
Mrs. CC lowers her trousers then sits on Mr. CC. who frots her “not so white knickers”.
Mrs. CC is now getting excited with their pre-sex play.
Their desires grow too much so with Mrs. CC kneeling on the couch, Mr. CC takes her doggie style with full penetrative fun.
Mr. CC cums before she removes her top.
They continue their doggie fun with Mr. CC re-invigorated.
He cums a 2nd time.
Mrs. CC sits down on the couch.
Mr. CC removes her tits from her bra.
He frots her tits with his cock.
Mrs. CC frigs herself.
Mrs. CC manages to bring herself off.
Then Mr. CC cums yet again over her tits.
Mrs. CC continues to frig herself.
The flowing spunk brings her off again.
A perfect way to have exercise!!

Image set M251XXX has 158 shots of Mrs. CC’s mud run then their sex play.
The details are:
7 introductory shots at home.
104 shots of her Mud Run
47 shots of their sex play at home
We show you 6 sample images from this set M251XXX.

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Image Set M251XXX

No of Images 158  

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