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Custard Couple in Breakfast in Bed 2

Run-time 22 mins 46 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Sample Clips in MP4
2 HD Streams in MP4

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 46 secs
Mrs. CC brings breakfast in bed for a lucky Mr. CC.
She brings him a sausage and egg roll.
Mrs. CC makes her feelings clear “I don’t like to eat breakfast in bed”.
She has brought a range of foodstuffs.
She invitingly shakes a yogurt.
Mr. CC eats his roll but Mrs. CC wants some sausage.
He gives her a bite of his sausage (Steady on! Not yet!).
She pours the yogurt over her chest and cleavage.
She tells him outright: “We are not going to be eating it dear, we are going to be having fun with it!”
She teases him as he fondles her white yogurt on her black nightie.
Mr. CC says “Let’s just get messy!”
She produces a plastic bottle of Tomato Ketchup.
He sprays the front of her baby doll nightie – – see CLIP 1.

Provocatively Mrs. CC even opens her mouth to sample the squirted ketchup.
Mr. CC tells her she is “making him dead horny!”
She subtly rubs the sauce over his underpants squirting the residue over Mr. CC.
Mr. CC likes brown sauce so Mrs. CC squirts more over his underpants.
Then they smear the sauces over each other.
Mrs. CC then selects Strawberry Jam.
Mr. CC takes a handful which goes down her knickers.
Mrs. CC has trouble in getting the jam out of the jar.
As a solution she adds some Milk Shake to the jam.
She pours the jammy mixture over her head inviting Mr. CC to massage it into her head! – see CLIP 2.

This is followed by Milk Shake drink.
Mr. CC now has his cock out and Mrs. CC has exposed boobs.
She is loving the mess!
Horny Mrs. CC asks to be fucked and covered in the liquefied tomatoes.
Mr. CC slops the tomatoes over her while she attends to his cock.
She gives him a taster suck!
Mrs. CC kneels up to offer her arse to Mr. CC.
He puts tomatoes over her back and bum.
More tomatoes go down her knickers as he feels her up.
Their shag anxiety rises!
More tomatoes go over her bum as he continues to feel her up, frig her and caress her.
Mrs. CC begs for more food on her!

Stream 2 runs 12 mins 00 secs
Mrs. CC lies on her stomach flat across the bed.
Mr. CC pours yogurt over her bum, thighs and back with his cock in a jaunty position.
Leaning over her, Mr. CC rubs his cock over her yogurt covered bum.
His probing hand feels her between her legs!
He pulls her towards him and pulls her knickers down.
Then he is spooning her.
His cock enters her and they fuck away for two and a half minutes with Mrs. CC lying back.
Mr. CC explodes into her!
Mrs. CC examines the foodstuffs for the next play item.
She produces a dish with 4 fried eggs and 2 sausages, a bowl of beans and bottles of brown and red sauce.
Mrs. CC sits on Mr. CC in reverse cowgirl.
Sitting astride Mr. CC she drips a fried egg onto her tits.
A 2nd fried egg is rubbed on Mr. CC’s cock.
The 3rd and 4th eggs are rubbed on her tits.
She squirts tomato sauce on Mr. CC’s crotch and thighs, rubbing it around.
Mr. CC squirts the tomato sauce over her tits and front telling him that they are “getting destroyed”.
She sits on him (still reverse cowgirl) and sticks his cock inside her.
She rides him while Mr. CC sprays tomato sauce over her arse.
Mr. CC pistons away and Mrs. CC shakes brown sauce down her front.
She leans forward and cums.
Next, Mrs. CC sits on him cowgirl style to ride him further.
Taking a bowl of beans she pours them over her head.
Mr. CC pulls her towards him to show their shag position.
He becomes more and more excited and cums again inside her.
“Fuck me Mr. CC! Fuck me you did!” says Mrs. CC.
Then we have Mrs. CC lying on her back with her head to the camera.
Mr. CC is on top of her supported by his hands.
He fucks away with some good visible entry shots.
Mr. CC raise his stroke as Mrs. CC growls in delight.
She lifts her legs high.
They kiss before Mr. CC examines the mess, splaying his sexy wife’s legs wide before licking her pubes.
Mrs. CC kneels on the bed with Mr. CC kneeling behind her. He enjoys caressing her messy body.
He tells her she is “impossible!”
“No, insatiable”, she replies!
Mr. CC contentedly caresses her tits.
He tells her “There is only one thing to shut you up!”
He sticks a sausage in her mouth before he bites on the other end!
Wow! What a monster sploshing full of fun and sex!

IMAGE SET S496XXX has 88 shots.
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That is how WSM commenced and we still continue to give the images special care.

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MOVIE XXX106 has 2 HD Streams running 22 mins 46 secs

IMAGE SET S496XXX has 88 shots

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Image Set S496XXX

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