21st December 2018

WHAT’S NEW as at 21st December 2018

OUR NAME CHANGED to www.wsmprod.com in February 2017.

Another great Xmas movie to get you in the holiday spirit.

Who better to play Santa than Mr. Custard Couple!

And who better to play the angelic angel dressed all in white? (and as this is a ‘bad angel’), then Mrs. Custard Couple is in her heaven!

For what are Custard Couple (CC) really good at?

Role play!

So we have our Santa and beautiful angel!

We have reached Xmas Eve and we have pulled together the original ‘Xmas Eve’ ending of ‘The 12 WSM Days of Xmas’ original movie to produce a new slapstick movie CC80 titled ‘Santa empties his sack’ (of foodstuffs of course, why what were you thinking??).

This is an addition to the Subscription movies’ plus there are 95 enhanced pics in set S396 under Subscription Images –  Slapstick.

Alternatively, you can see existing movie XXX027 which shows how a bad Santa takes advantage of a bad Angel!

For our Wetlook fans, a chance to go outdoors at this cold time of year as we re-visit the most unusual 32 minute movie WSM090 shot in a Moorland setting which now has 242 enhanced full screen images.

If you wish to see our Images and Movie Clips at their best, then go to ‘What’s New’ section at www.wsmprod.com and check this week’s update.

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Do check this out!


Also in this Update:

In messy 22 min. HD Download Movie CC108 Mrs. Custard Couple’s (CC) impatience leads to her pristine white suit getting covered in oil plus image set S423 with 96 shots.

This becomes the 51st movie and images now re-posted to the Subscription site after 2 years as a Download.

Also available on the Subscription site is Wetlook 24 minute movie at the seaside where Dee gets very wet in red top and red leggings in 24 min movie WSM163 plus 291 enhanced images in set W331.


Are you aware that WSM now have 292 movies and 462 image sets available just for the price of a Subscription?

With winter now here……what are you waiting for???

Definitely time to explore our Subscription site.

This is the Best WAM Value on the internet!


SEE ALSO THE WSM ONLINE STORE  (no membership required)

Click on movie and page down for full description and sample images, for
PLUS 93 New ‘WSM Movies & Images’ with 1/3rd available on the Subscription site too.

PLUS 16 Movies with Images transferred from the Subscription Website and now also available as Downloads
and XXX section with 73 MOVIES with Images, only available as Downloads.



We also have a UMD STORE and transfer MOVIES and IMAGES regularly




We have put together a 21 minute Slapstick movie CC80 as Mrs. CC in her Angel outfit awaits the visit of Santa.  In addition there are now 95 enhanced (full screen) images in set S396.

This normal movie CC80 is now added to the Subscription site only.

So unless you are a member, this movie may not be viewed.

Alternatively, we are fully reviewing the 31 minute XXX movie XXX027 which adds a further 10 extra minutes of XXX fun to normal movie CC80 – so movie CC80 is included in Download XXX027.

We have written a dividing line (see below) where normal movie CC80 ends and further action is considered XXX.




A HD Movie plus Image set

Custard Couple – ‘Santa empties his sac(k)

Run-time 31 mins 02 secs


2 WMV Sample HD Clips – raunchy but not explicit


The XXX action in this movie covers Xmas Eve.


Stream 1

Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) is waiting for Santa to arrive.

She is dressed in white with a little red – her Angel outfit.

She tells us she wants to get really messy.

Santa arrives with his sackful of food and produces custard and chocolate spread.

Mrs. CC tempts Santa to take a break. He says he would not mind emptying his sac(k) over her later!

She messes up the white dress with chocolate as she is a naughty angel.

Santa returns and promises to make more of a mess of her, if that is her Xmas wish!

Santa starts with the custard.  Mrs. CC tells him he has the title of ‘Bad Santa’ this year.

He enjoys smoothing the custard over her dress. As he does this, Mrs. CC puts her hands behind her back to fondle his cock in his Santa pants.

Next, very cold vanilla angel delight is smeared over Mrs. CC’s knickers after she had obligingly lifted her long dress.

Santa poured the remainder down the back of her knickers, ‘Filling those Angel panties’ says Santa.

Santa pulls her close to rub up against her bum, as the naughty Mrs. CC feels his cock again.

Lifting her dress and bending her over, Santa produces a large chocolate gateau, which he massages over her knickers and back.

A cream pie follows as they rub their clothed bodies together.

Mrs. CC rubs Santa’s cock through his trousers, while Santa’s hands roam over her messy dress.


Stream 2

Pulling her dress down, Santa produces chocolate Angel Delight which he spreads over the dress front.

Then it is sticky treacle as golden syrup is poured over her boobs….and Santa licks both with delight. – see Clip 1.


Mrs. CC says her dress is too long and heavy.

Santa has a solution and cuts the dress short.

Another cream pie goes over her bum and hair!

But Mrs. CC wants even more mess!

So pouring cream is doused over her head and back!

Then more chocolate Angel Delight follows as Santa pours it over her head, face and boobs!

Still not satisfied, Santa produces more syrup, running it over her boobs and tummy so it runs into her welcoming knickers!

Finally, further vanilla Angel Delight is smeared over Mrs. CC’s back, knickers and legs and then her boobs.



Mrs. CC says she feels ‘Really horny’…..as Santa’s hand delves into her panties.

She is itching to cum, so Santa tells her she must cum first.

Mrs. CC adds custard in her knickers.

Starting to frig herself, she tells Santa she is a very bad angel!

She sits and kneels in front of the fire and frigs herself off for Santa.

Santa gets her on all fours before smearing a cream pie over her bum.

Getting behind the bad angel, Santa undoes his trousers.

He releases his cock and frots against her knickers.

Santa parts her knickers and enters her with Mrs. CC still kneeling.

Santa gently fucks her before covering her bum, back and hair with another cream pie.

The mess spurs Santa on as he screws her more vigorously as he makes the most of his opportunity!

Standing, he instructs his bad angel to ‘Suck my cock!’

Mrs. CC gives him oral play.

Then it is time for Santa to empty his sac as he jerks himself off into her eager and willing mouth!

But it is time for Santa to be on his way.

Mrs. CC says her farewells to ‘Bad Santa’.

But  he can come and visit her again next year! (Ho! Ho! Ho!) – see Clip 2.


Phew!  After watching that movie I am sure we would all wish for such a messy Christmas!


MOVIE XXX027 has two streams:    

Stream 1 runs 11 mins 49 sec

Stream 2 runs 19 mins 13 secs     


Image set S396XXX has 34 pics.        

There are 2 sample pics.



£7.40  GBP

$11 USD

Euro 9.20


To Purchase Download HD movie XXX027  go to  go to https://wsmprod.com then Downloads – Online Store, then ‘XXX Section where it is listed as ‘Custard Couple in Santa empties his sac(k) movie’.


If you are a Member of the Subscription site, you may access movie CC80 Santa empties his sack by going to ‘Subscription Movies’, then ‘Custard Couple’ and find movie CC80 on page 2.  Do not forget to look at image set S396 with 95 enhanced pics under Subscription Images – Slapstick.


If you are not a Member then this is a great time to join the Subscription website with access to 292 movies and 462 image sets, see costs below:





The essence of a good website is variety.

Outdoor wet shoots are challenging enough in the UK with the weather and people!

So to take on a shoot high in the hills on a moor (open uncultivated upland), borders on the extreme (or is that the insane)!

But one model not to be fazed is Chinese lady Jade.

She treats it as any other Wetlook set and just does it!

We ended up with 242 pics, but WSM does not put a motordrive on the camera.

Every shot is different and the poor shots are dumped!

So it takes a couple of days to prepare an image set (believe it or not).

So not only effort from the model, but effort from the photographer!

These shots are somewhat different as we strive to give the outlook of the moors and the expansiveness of the lake.

But seeing is believing, so here are 5 sample shots from image set W259.


This is WETLOOK with a difference.

The location of Movie WSM090 is a Moorland Lake high up in the hills, with Chinese lady Jade.

Outdoor filming is always difficult and challenging, but this is something else!

Movie WSM090 runs over 31 minutes.

We have JADE dressed in a short sleeved black top, black leggings, black knickers and black ankle boots in a Lake high up in the hills.

It was not the best of weather being cool with no direct sun, but Jade is a true WSM girl and really loves getting wet or messy.

This is entertaining as Jade describes it as ‘An adventure pond for her to play about!’

And play about she does!

We have live sound with at times an eerie quietness with only the occasional bird chirping.

This is a very natural setting seldom seen in wet sets!

Jade is a great wet woman and there are some super wet clothed shots.

Jade becomes ever more adventurous with face and head dunkings.

Eventually she strips to nude to round off what is a memorable and unusual Movie.

Here are 3 Clips from movie WSM090.


But this is only one movie and one image set from our Subscription section which has 292 Movies and 462 Image sets all available just for the price of a subscription!

How much?






This is the 51st movie to be re-posted from the DOWNLOAD site to our SUBSCRIPTION site.

It has taken two years, but now you can now see this movie at no extra cost, if you are a member of our Subscription site.

22 minute HD movie CC108 has mature lady Mrs. Custard Couple (CC)  commencing pristine in her white suit and ending up as ‘Mrs. Messy Muckanic’.

With gungey black oil we have the dirtiest and messiest couple action play by CC!

Add in 96 enhanced images and this is a fabulous movie of a very messy couple!


 ‘Mrs. Messy Muckanic’
000 (1)

A HD Movie plus Image set

Movie CC108

Run-time 22 mins 34 secs


2 Streams plus 2 Sample Clips – offered in both MP4 and WMV formats


Stream 1

Mr. CC is fixing her car but Mrs. CC is getting impatient to go shopping.

Mr. CC goes away to make a phone call to solve the car problem, so Mrs. CC decides to try and fix it.

‘What can be so difficult?’ she says.

Oil squirts over the top of her lovely white suit as she tries to release the filler cap.

The car engine sump is leaking so she goes under the car to try and stop it and gets further messed.

(Be aware that this was a custom shot movie and strong language and swearing were requested.)

Mrs. CC is rather embarrassed about what Mr. CC will say as she is ‘completely utterly covered in oil!’

Mr. CC returns ready to tackle the job.

He is aghast at the sight of Mrs. CC!

‘What a state you are in’, he says!

He tries to remove some oil from her arm without any success.

Her messy state gets him aroused.

‘It does look really sexy’, he says.

‘You actually think it looks sexy when I’m covered in oil?’ asks Mrs. CC.

Mr. CC lifts her skirt and her white knickers send him over the top!

‘I’ve got loads more oil.  How about me plastering it on?’ asks Mr.CC.

‘It’s not going to make a lot of difference to me is it?’ states Mrs. CC.

Mr. CC pours a jug of thick, dirty oil over Mrs. CC’s jacket top and it runs down her jacket and over her skirt.

And Mr. CC has some more black oil that he wishes to squirt at her.

Lifting her short skirt Mr. CC enjoys squirting oil over her - see CLIP 1.

He continues by squirting her back.

He pours more gungey black oil from the jug over her back followed by some clear fresh oil.

‘You look absolutely disgusting’ says Mr. CC.

Mrs. CC sits on the work bench while Mr. CC gets the swarfega.


Stream 2

Mr. CC adds more thick, black gungey oil to her stockings, opening his wife’s legs so we can see her oily knickers.

Her white suit sleeked with the dirty black oil looks quite remarkable as Mrs. CC makes sure she is fully covered.

She stands, then gives us a back view as she rubs the black thick oil over her bum.

Mr. CC really is enjoying this!

‘Did you expect me to get quite so oily? asks Mrs. CC.

‘No I didn’t!  I didn’t even know you enjoyed it! says Mr. CC.

‘Nor did I until now’, replies Mrs. CC.

She lifts her skirt to reveal her oil covered panties over her bum before Mr. CC ensures she is fully oil covered by caressing her knickers with a handful of the dirty black oil.

Mr. CC has put swarfega on Mrs. CC’s hair.

She kneels on a thin blue mattress as Mr. CC sleeks her further.

‘This is all my fantasies come true’ says Mr. CC.

He removes her jacket.

With both kneeling, Mr. CC starts to cover her with the white swarfega.

He tears away her blouse which falls to her knees.

She lies on her front on the mattress while Mr. CC covers her with swarfega – see CLIP 2.

He applies the swarfega inside her panties, filling them up with the ‘lovely gunge’.

Mrs. CC enjoys the messy massage.

Lying on her back, Mr. CC removes her bra.

He rips her skirt to remove it, then continues to apply the white swarfega.

Mrs. CC is now only clad in suspender belt, stockings, heels and panties.

Mr. CC pays special attention to her clit.

She kneels facing the camera, while Mr. CC pours the remainder of the bucket of swarfega over her head and it runs down her boobs and body.

They commence mutual masturbation.

Mr. CC soon arouses the lusty Mrs. CC.

With his hand down her knickers we hear the sloppiest clit stimulation sounds as the trashed Mrs. CC is soon brought to a fulfilling climax!

‘You know how to make a girl cum!’ says Mrs. CC.

Her knickers are removed.

Mr. CC totally slops up his pretty wife and he caresses her messy clit further.

Mr. CC lies on the mattress while his wife lies on his back for sliding fun as she rubs herself before sitting on her hubby to frot themselves to further climaxes.

This is full-on messy couple sex play with both enjoying the super messy fun.

‘Little did we know that an oil spillage would lead to this mess! says Mrs. CC.

They end up trashed and very messed up but very, very happy!


MOVIE CC108 of Mrs. CC getting covered with the dirtiest thick black oil then having sex play fun with Mr. CC has 2 Streams running 22 mins 34 secs.


Image set S378 has 96 enhanced (full screen) shots and is a good record of the action.

The image set does contain some pics which are not in the movie.

There are an extra 13 bonus shots at the end as Mrs. CC poses in her messy state.

But this is a classic white outfit to transform into a very messy set.

We are sure you will like it as we show you 5 sample shots.



£6-20  GBP

$9-30 USD

Euro 8-10


To Purchase movie movie CC108 with Mrs. CC as ‘Mrs. Messy Muchanic’ go to www.wsmprod.com then ‘Downloads – Online Store’. Then go to ‘WSM Movies & Images’ and find ‘Mrs. Messy Muchanic’




Where do you find ‘Mrs. Messy Muchanic’ movie CC108 and image set S423 on the Subscription site?

For Movie go to:

‘Subscription Movies’

Custard Couple’

Find CC108 under numerical listing on page 2.

For Images go to:

‘Subscription Images’


Find S423 in numerical listing


But this is only one movie and one image set from our Subscription section which has 292 Movies and 462 Image sets all available just for the price of a subscription!

How much?




Image set W331 commences with a shot across the sea to the town of Tenby.

Brunette Dee dressed in long sleeved pale red top, bright red leggings, black thong and black strappy open toe heels, plays in the beach surf.

There is plenty of action as she immerses to her waist, before getting totally wet with her nipples standing out proudly under her wet top.

We have some great wet hair shots as Dee reclines in the sea.

She is a lady who loves to be wet and it shows.

There are 192 shots before she removes her top.

Next, she removes her leggings and we have 18 knicker and shoes shots.

Finally, there are 46 nude shots (except for shoes).

Some of these are quite explicit!

What a tonic this is!

A mature lady enjoying her clothed seaside bathe before stripping down for us.

And with 291 shots this is a true delight!

This image set is only available on the Subscription site.

We show you 5 sample shots of Dee’s wet play.


HD Movie WSM163 features mature lady DEE as she enjoys a wet clothed bathe in our favourite seaside town at Tenby in South Wales.

Dee starts on the sandy beach and the camera follows her down to the waters edge.

The sea is calm so the surf is quiet.

Dee splashes about among the small waves gradually getting wet.

She comments on her outfit ‘Nice and tight and red’.

What is it you like about wet shots?  Is it:

Wet shiny clothes pants and top

Wet thighs

Wet legs

Wet clinging boobs

Wet boobs

Wet hair

Wet face

Wet knickers

Wet heels

Wet nude

Well you can see them all here!

The water is calm and inviting.

After 6 mins 33 secs her boobs are wet.

After 10 mins her hair is wet.

We see some fabulous wet hair shots as Dee floats and swims in the water fully clothed – see Clip 1.

As Stream 2 commences Dee removes her top.

There are some great wet boobs shots as Dee reclines in the surf – see Clip2

With just 6 minutes remaining, Dee removes her pants and continues in just knickers and heels and there are fantastic black wet knicker shots.

The final 3 minutes have Dee nude, apart from her heels!

There are very revealing shots at the end as Dee gyrates in the shallows.

This is a true wet mature lady……just for your delight!

We show you two Clips from 24 minute movie WSM163.


MOVIE WSM163 of ‘Dee wet clothed play at the beach’ has 2 HD Streams running 24 mins 13 secs plus 291 image shots in set W331.

This movie is not available as a download and can only be seen on the Subscription site.


To join the Subscription website with access to another 291 movies and 461 image sets, see cost below


We continue to take SUBSCRIPTION payments in £ Sterling, US dollars and Euros, for membership of the WSM Website.

The Subscription site does not include access to new movie/images Downloads in the Online Store, which we have added during the last two years, or any XXX movies.

Since April 2017, Movies and Image sets added to the WSM Online Store under ‘WSM Movies & Images’ are added also to the Subscription site, 2 years after being posted as a Download. 

Look at the JOIN NOW page to see our great value for 30 day, 3 month and 6 monthly Subscriptions as for a Subscription you can access:

292 Movies averaging 30 minutes each, including 18 Messy Wrestling Movies and 80 Custard Couple Movies, (which include 26 joint productions with WSM),

15 vintage movies and 179 normal WSM movies (excluding 26 duplicated joint production movies with Custard Couple).

PLUS 48,548 Images in 462 sets (being 163 W + 216 S + 83 M).

But if you want to see all these Movies and Image sets, then you need to take a Subscription to become a Member.

Click here to see the amazing value Join costs!



So it is Christmas!

WSM give you some advice definitely not found in any marketing manual!

Turn off that computer Christmas Eve!

Enjoy your family and friends for a couple of days!

We will still be here!


The team at WSM, Steve (our film editor), Cristi (technical/webhost), scribe Mike Ellison and our Principal wish holiday and Christmas cheer to all WSM Members, ex-members, friends, UMD friends, forum readers and all who enjoy our website, especially you who indicate your best pics.

May your god go with you!

Peace and joy to all peoples of the world!

Merry Christmas everyone.




28th Dec We review again two Slapstick classics.

 Firstly, reluctant girlfriend Sherry is sploshed in a meadow in movie WSM114 running 10 mins 26 secs plus image set S282.

Secondly, The Phantom sploshes big busted Jenny in our Food 9 movie WSM124 running 20 mins 26 secs plus image set S292.


4th Jan Another Download transfer to the Subscription site with ‘Mrs.CC in her Vintage Underwear in the Sea. Perfect for a cold January as this movie comes complete with a stormy sea.  HD movie CC91 runs 28 minutes.  Plus image set W374 has 161 enhanced (full screen) pics.


11th Jan We present the 2018 WSM AWARDS for best movies for WET, SLAPSTICK, MUDDY FUN, XXX and BEST OVERALL MOVIE.


18th Jan Another Download transfer to the Subscription site.

 With 60s style movie CC106 titled ‘Shrink 1,’ Mrs. CC attends counselling for her addiction to sploshing and dreams.  Great music and great images in set S418….. and it does lead to XXX fun.


25th Jan Our 1st brand new movie of 2019 sees a Slapstick set-to as Ava and Axajay confront Mr. Nasty in 28 minute movie WSM257, plus image set S462.


1st Feb ‘My Lady gets her cumuppance from my Lord’ (as snooty Mrs. CC gets it good) in 26 minute movie CC135 plus 126 enhanced images or as 36 min XXX movie XXX060 which includes 10 mins of XXX fun plus 84 images.

 This normal movie and image set becomes the 54th set to be added to the Subscription site after 2 years as a Download.

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