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Kerry has taken Mr. Nasty’s big bar of chocolate, so he is teaching her a lesson using liquid chocolate.
Mr. Nasty is very domineering – see Clip 1.
Long haired brunette Kerrie is dressed in a white silky robe.
Mr. Nasty decides to daub her clothes and body with chocolate.
Kerrie protests her innocence as he manhandles her.
But Mr. Nasty is remorseless, spreading the chocolate over her.
Kerrie fights back biting his finger.
Mr. Nasty becomes nastier.
He spanks her bum and continues to rub in the chocolate.
Next, he removes her dress leaving her in bra and pants.
Mr. Nasty wrestles her bra off her!
Kerrie is convincing, struggling hard and continually telling him to get off her.
Mr. Nasty plays with her nipples.
Kerrie is now covered in chocolate.
He flips her on to her stomach – see Clip 2.
Next, Mr. Nasty removes her pants, leaving her naked.
He continues to daub her with chocolate even putting chocolate on her pussy.
We all see her chocolate pussy!
Again, she is flipped over and gets a spanked chocolate bum!
With all this aggression, after 17 minutes Kerrie admits she did it.
She pleads to be let go as she has admitted taking the chocolate bar.
But Mr. Nasty continues to enjoy himself, smearing the chocolate over Kerrie.
Her ordeal ends as Mr. Nasty pours the remaining chocolate over her head, face and body.

Total Run Time: 20 minutes

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