Confessions of a Window Cleaner 2


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Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) is in a mood for washing windows.
However, she has just returned from work and is still in her short skirted dark suit, white short sleeved blouse, dark bra and suspender belt, black stockings, navy panties and beige heels.
Being Mrs. CC she says she ?does like to get wet! Just a little! Or maybe a lot!?
Using a foamy sponge she dabs her blouse and jacket.
We see her undo her blouse then caress the window with her bra covered boobs.
Pouring a bucket of soapy water over her head and clothes, she tells us ?Now that?s how to wet a suit!? ? see Clip.
She needs to get wetter and what better way than with a hosepipe! She sluices herself down from head to toe!
Lifting her skirt, her knickers get the wet treatment.
Then, squatting down, she wets herself and her full outfit further.
She becomes a very wet woman.
Mrs. CC goes into the kitchen to clean the windows from the inside.
She sits on the work-top with her legs in the sink and sponges herself down with the soapy water.
?Don?t you just like to get all your clothes really, really wet? I certainly do?, she says.
She undoes her wet blouse, continuing to soap herself up.
Her panties come in for a special soapy wetting.
Then she removes her short skirt.
Dressed just in her underwear, she continues to soap herself.
The soapy sponge goes into the front of her panties and we see a very clean pussy!
Mrs. CC rubs her panty clad clit and pussy to a satisfying climax, loudly exclaiming her pleasure!
She bades us goodbye.

Total Run Time: 10:00

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