Mel is the Glamour, Wet and Syrupy Bride


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A NEW 64 minute Vintage movie WSM414 shot in 2004 with MEL dressed as the BRIDE in a single movie containing:
21 mins as the Glamour Bride on the 4 poster bed.
24 mins as the Wetlook Bride in the 4 poster Jacuzzi.
19 mins as the Messy Syrupy Bride in the 4 poster Jacuzzi.

There is no speech in this 21 minute glamour shoot as Mel, dressed in full bridal gown, makes the most of this special location.
Where have you seen Mel before?
She starred in our Vintage film 8 ‘The Ring’ getting wet, sploshed and muddy. (see ONLINE STORE to purchase downloads).
In Stream 1, Mel commences somewhat bemused in what must be every girl’s fantasy.
She begins showing her legs and white bridal stockings and a knicker glimpse – see CLIP 1.

Then she is on the 4 poster bed looking very sultry.
We have knicker and bum shots before Mel gathers her dress to the waist for some knicker teasing before her knickers are removed.
We have bare pussy shots then a glimpse of her tantalizing large labia lips.
Stream 2 commences with Mel lying on the bed for pussy play.
She undoes the dress back zip to lower it to her waist and show us her boobs and flawless body – see CLIP 2.

Then she slides out of the dress.
She is now nude on the bed except for her stockings and heels.
There is a subtle mixture of light and shade.
Mel teases us with provocative mouth shots.
She lies back for pussy play with big attractive pussy lips!
This is steamy but classy.
She sits on the end of the bed with her legs over the edge for some close-up pussy shots.
Then she faces the bed with her back to the camera for appealing bum/leg shots.
Some may feel this Glam shoot is too long and slow moving.
But each part has it’s beauty depending on what you appreciate – eyes, lips, boobs, legs, bum, pussy!
Any takers to produce that Ring for Mel?
The GLAM part has two Streams:
Stream 1 runs 11 mins 58 secs
Stream 2 runs 9 mins 20 secs
As to images of the Glam shoot, there are none.
Probably some in my vast slide collection…….but when is there time to check that?

Stream 3 has Mel at the 4 poster Jacuzzi in the wedding dress.
She steps into the bath, then sits on the side, before standing to show her underwear.
Mel lies down in the Jacuzzi bath in the dress, then rolls about to give us views of the wet, clinging dress.
She stands so we can see the wet bridal gown. The skirt becomes opaque.
Mel gathers the dress to show off her stockings and thighs.
Again, she lies in the bath eventually raising her gowned bum from the water then showing off the wet dress – see CLIP 3.

Mel lies back in the bath before rolling over for a great bum shot as she plays with her stocking tops.
She has slow, languid bath play exploiting the filmy floating dress.
Mel lifts her wet legs to show them off plus her white wet heels.
Stream 4 commences with Mel finishing her leg play before changing ends in the bath to immerse her head in the water directly before the camera.
She stands totally drenched to give us great wet hair and wet wedding gown shots.
Next Mel concentrates on wet hair shots plus some further wet leg shots as she is a very wet bride.
Standing, Mel undoes the dress and and slips it from her wet body showing her wet knickers and stockings – see CLIP 4.

She removes her shoes before more splashy play.
Reclining in the bath, Mel removes her knickers before continuing with more leisurely wet play.
Releasing the bath plug causes her giggles.
The water drains away to display her body as she lies back in the bath.
We close with some wet pussy shots, then standing shots as Mel admires her magnificent wet body.
The WET part has two Streams:
Stream 3 runs 12 mins 34 secs
Stream 4 runs 10 mins 52 secs

Image set W195 has 84 Images of MEL from Nov 2004, as Mel looks a stunning BRIDE, teasing us in her bridal dress before sliding into a 4 poster Jacuzzi.
See Mel become a wet bride before stripping off to make you wish you were the groom!
We are sure that Wet Bride Mel will appeal as we show 5 sample images.

Stream 5 commences with syrup being poured over Mel’s shoulder.
She speaks and giggles in this messy scene.
Her wedding dress bodice is syrup covered, followed by the bottom of her gown as she kneels in the bath.
More syrup goes over her shoulder and runs down her arm.
Then she stands in the 4 poster Jacuzzi and we can admire the golden syrup covered wedding dress.
‘It is really messy’ she says as she slicks the syrup over herself.
But her back is still untouched.
So the syrup is applied – see CLIP 5.

Mel stands so that we see the back of the gown.
Again, she slicks the syrup into her dress.
She sits in the bath.
Syrup flows over her legs and the gown.
She struggles up with the heavy syrupy dress.
Mel is relaxed and happy as she plays with the dress.
Stream 6 starts with a giggly Mel sat in the bath with the dress drawn up.
Syrup goes over her stockinged legs then her knickers.
She stands to play with her syrupy gown – see CLIP 6.

Next, we see her with her hair covered in the golden syrup. Some glorious glossy shots here.
As I called her ‘Glossilocks in the wedding dress’, this sparked off giggles with Mel.
Then her dress is off and Mel sits and rolls in the syrupy bath.
It has all become rather messy now! What a gorgeous syrup covered woman she is!
She disposes of her syrupy knickers and stands splendidly glossy caressing her body.
Another quick lie down then Mel stands again to enjoy her syruped state.
We end with some close-up shots.
The SYRUPY part has two Streams:
Stream 5 runs 10 mins 19 secs
Stream 6 runs 09 mins 03 secs

Total Run Time: 64 minutes

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