Mrs. Custard Couple’s stormy sea fun in white jeans


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A deserted beach! At least no-one to watch……but not many about at 8am on a wild day!
Crazy conditions!
But Mrs. CC is determined to get in those raging seas for some wet fun.
She strides into the sea and splashes herself in the shallows.
But that is just a foretaste of the soaking to come as the surf roars in.
Mrs. CC runs into the sea.
Soon she is kneeling in the white foamy sea.
Then she is on all fours as the sea washes over her - see CLIP 1.

This is not just blustery. It is real stormy with the sea making a thundering noise.
She plays in the surf as the waves knock her forward.
Is she concerned? No, she just laughs.
She teases us by lifting her top to show her white bra.
Then she gets up and wades out further for some more surfing.

Stream 2 opens with Mrs. CC standing in the raging sea.
Then she lies in the surf as smaller waves roll over her.
She seems happier kneeling in the shallow sea while the waves more gently caress her.
Mrs. CC is now a very wet woman.
Standing again, she enjoys the buffeting of the wind and waves.
Then she wades to shore beckoning us to follow along as she goes to the waters edge before reclining in the water.
Kneeling, she removes her top.
Then she lies full length in the sea with her head to the waves, to get her hair fully wet – see CLIP 2.

Mrs. CC rolls across the surf as if the waters were sparkling and barmy.
Next, she removes her very wet white jeans.
Then she has a play in the surf in white bra and black knickers.
She runs back into the sea for another play in the surf.
After removing her bra she walks out of the sea having a final topless play in the surf.
Then she strides onto the beach.
Phew! What an invigorating and energetic performance on such a cold and stormy day!

There are 134 image shots in set W329 of Mrs. CC’s sea fun in white jeans.
Sadly, the main image set was lost.
Some remarkable pictures in the stormy conditions.
All these images have been Enhanced to Full Screen.
We show you 5 sample shots so you can see the storm tossed and very wet Mrs. CC.

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MOVIE CC45 of ‘Mrs. CC’s sea fun in white jeans’ has 2 HD Streams running 16 mins 21 secs plus 134 image shots in set W329.

Total Run Time: 16 mins 21 secs

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