Mel in Massage Oil play


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Run-time 41 mins 36 secs

4 Sample Clips
4 Streams

This new Movie & Image set are only available on the Subscription site (which has a further 238 movies and 393 image sets).

Stream 1 – runs 11 mins 20 secs
The sultry brunette Mel is dressed all in black with ankle boots, stockings, suspenders, thong, suede effect mini skirt and long sleeved cotton top.
This movie is about oily play in a small paddling pool.
This is gentle, easy going, slow languid oil daubing.
There is no speech but we keep being drawn to Mel’s smoldering eyes.
She commences rubbing the oil over her legs.
After 4 mins she sits in the oil.
She works at covering her skirt.
Then it is on to the top plus her boobs – see CLIP 1

We get a glimpse of her bum as Mel saunters along with her leisurely oil daubing.
Despite being shot in 2003, the picture quality is surprisingly good.

Stream 2 – runs 9 mins 49 secs
Stream 2 commences with Mel lying back to caress her hair and boobs with the oil.
Then she lies full length on her back remarking that the oil is cold.
She scoops the oil over her top as she works to get the top shiny.
Kneeling up she shows her oily back, lifting her legs to show her knickers.
We have a good back shot as she continues to daub her top.
Then some fine leg and bum shots as Mel lies on her stomach across the pool.
Her shiny stockings look terrific and as she lies back we have further glistening oily leg shots.
She leans on her side to give us a great bum shot, before she kneels up dripping with oil – see CLIP 2

Mel is now a very oily woman.
She squeezes the oil from her hair and lies back with legs in the air before getting up to stand all oil glistening!

Stream 3 – runs 9 mins 46 secs
Mel rolls in the oil splashing it over herself before standing for more splashy play.
She lies on her back caressing her body with the oil and playing with her nipples through her top.
Then Mel rolls on her stomach for fine oily back shots before standing to give us the first glimpse of a boob.
This is total oily play with some provocative bum shots.
She removes her top to show her shiny boobs and body.
Then Mel kneels down topless for more oily play – see CLIP 3

Next, she removes her skirt squeezing out the oil over herself, just as she did for her top.
She lies on her back in the pool for some oily knicker play.
Finally, she kneels up then stands to show a fine, oily, glistening body.

Stream 4 – runs 10 mins 41 secs
Mel lies in the oily pool giving splendid shots of her glistening body.
She removes her knickers – see CLIP 4

Mel lies across the pool and opens her legs for a 1st raunchy shot.
She moves around the pool giving us further shots of her great body.
She lies back with legs open for a fine pussy shot.
We go to a close up of her large pussy lips.
Mel continues to spread the oil over her body and looks remarkable just clad in garter belt, stockings and ankle boots.
There are further pussy close-up shots.
We end with a facial close-up as Mel flashes those wide, sultry eyes in seductive style.
Phew! Does Mel look good!
This is well worth a look!
An oiled delight!
41 minutes of sultry, leisurely, oily erotic entertainment.

In addition there are 111 video grab shots of Mel’s oily fun.
There were no 35mm shots of the shoot.
Things were not as easy as today, as you needed prior purchased slide films.
Within the 111 vidcap shots are 12 larger pics.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S094.

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MOVIE WSM415 has 3 Streams running 41 mins 36 secs.

IMAGE SET S094 has 111 shots

This NEW Movie WSM415 & Image set S094 are only available on the Subscription site, plus a further 238 movies and 393 image sets.

Total Run Time: 41 mins 36 secs

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