Honour May is Syruped


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What a shame!
Now and again things go wrong and somehow our film editor managed to erase the 2nd part of this movie!
So instead of being added as a new Download, this movie is added to the SUBSCRIPTION site.
And if you are a member………then it costs nothing more to view it plus the 182 Enhanced images.
Stream 1
The movie commences as Honour May describes her outfit.
She looks fab in her lime green open back summer dress, white shiny crotchless tights, white knickers and black heels. Her lovely long hair sets off the outfit.
Honour is syruped.
Although there are 3 flavours with Strawberry and Chocolate, we only get to see the golden syrup.
Wow! It really is sticky and we believe her when she says it smells divine.
She starts by covering her arms and the sides of her dress.
‘I love the feeling of the syrup on my skin,’ she says.
Honour chats to us continually through this movie.
Soon she says that her beautiful dress is covered……and she smells like a cake! – see CLIP 1
The syrup is poured over the top of her tights, and like a river of syrup down her legs and into her shoes.

Stream 2
‘We need to get these tights completely covered’, says Honour.
Soon they are very shiny and she can feel the syrup soaking through the tights.
She says ‘I look really tanned…..so sticky and sweet!’
Honour completes her legs then moves to her shoulders and bust.
She works on the dress but it is so slippy and slidy (yes, it is a hazard).
Honour kneels on the floor with her back to us and pours the golden syrup down her back.
It seeps through the dress and sounds all crinkly and slurpy causing her to say: ‘You can hear how sticky I am!’
Soon she says’ I think it is time my hair got a bit more messy!’
She pours the golden syrup over her head so her hair gets well glossed up and….sticky!
There is only one further bottle of golden syrup left.
Over her head it goes, then back and front.
‘Look at me, I’m so shiny’, she says. See what she means when you view CLIP 2.
She lifts her dress to show her white knickers, which are now almost bright yellow!
With her skirt lifted, she strokes her bum……..then she is gone!
We are just warming up and the movie finishes!
How tragic is that?

But we do have IMAGE SET S431 with 182 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Half of shots show what occurred in the movie.
We continue with some terrific shots of the golden Honour, commencing with leg shots, lying on the floor shots, knicker shots……..everthing enveloped in the golden syrup.
Next, standing Honour pours strawberry syrup all over herself.
We have some remarkable tongue shots!
Then her dress is off and clad in the crotchless tights still with knickers and heels, Honour continues the messy play with the emphasis on her boobs.
Her tights are removed, then her knickers.
We get some stunning nude shots of syrup covered Honour.
There is a final play with the chocolate syrup with a great range of full screen shots.
Yes, quite a wonderful image set but oh so sad about that missing half a movie!
We show you 5 sample shots from set S431.

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Total Run Time: 12 mins 24 sec

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