Sarah’s Slapstick initiation by Professor Treacle


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Shot 2003 Movie offered in one surprisingly good quality.

Take a young model who had not spoken in a video before, mix in Professor Treacle and a load of foodstuffs………and this is great fun.

Stream 1
Sarah arrives and the Prof chats to her to tell her what to expect.
Now this is very horny dialogue.
Sarah describes her adult movie experience, what she did, the positions!
And the best bit for her…….getting shafted (but not in this movie – see XXX021).
The Prof tells her that the difference with WSM films is that you will get very messy!
But Sarah does not understand and goes on about getting multiple spunkings!
The Prof puts her straight – the messy we are talking about is to do with food!
Sarah does show some genuine astonishment saying ‘Alright, that is different!’
‘From head to toe’ the Prof says.
‘Sounds great’ says Sarah.
She is shown the array of foodstuffs – see CLIP 1.
‘The best thing is to show you how it works’ says the Prof.
Sarah, taken aback, says ‘Now?’
The Prof starts the slapstick fun off with tomato soup.
Next is eggs, cracked over her head, and rubbed in her hair.
Then baked beans, tomato sauce, spaghetti, custard, chocolate sauce.
‘It’s good fun ‘ says Sarah.
All the time the Prof is busy sploshing her up.

Stream 2
The messy fun continues.
‘This is one of the few films when you keep your clothes on’ says the Prof.
Sarah agrees. ‘It is very different! I did not expect this!’
She takes rice pudding over her bum, then over her face and head.
The Prof next introduces margarine, followed by golden syrup.
Sarah says she ‘likes the custard best!’
You can see how much she enjoys it – see CLIP 2.
Sarah says ‘It is all very good this, but a bit one-sided! Will I get to do this to the bloke?’
Professor Treacle readily agrees.
Then Sarah starts sploshing up the Prof starting with butter and tomato sauce.
Showing imagination, Sarah tips spaghetti down his back and rubs syrup in his armpits.
So the messy mayhem continues as Sarah works her way through the foodstuffs.
We end with the Prof licking Sarah’s boobs.

MOVIE WSM411 has two streams:
Stream 1 runs 11 mins 21 sec
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 50 secs

Total Run Time: 22 mins 11 sec

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