Anne France confronts Professor Treacle


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WMV 3 Streams

Mature, experienced model Anne France returns to confront Professor Treacle about her failure to get the part in the next Slapstick production.
Fabulous reactions, timing and responses in a great tit for tat movie.
The farewell performance from Professor Treacle as he heads away to retirement!
Add in 36 image shots in set S103.
But Professor Treacle remains the world class authority on Slapstick!

Stream 1
Yorkshire lass Anne France calls in to ask ‘When she was starting with this part’ (Yep, it took me 6 listens to figure out what was being said!)
The Prof is quite curt and tells her straight, she did not get the part.
Anne is disappointed and says she was ‘Looking forward to getting all messy!’
She puts the Prof on a spot as she complains about what she did for him (see movie WSM412 ) yet she did not get the part.
The Prof is very dismissive, says goodbye and gets on reading his newspaper.
Anne spots the foodstuffs laid out for that afternoon’s shoot (the part she auditioned for).
His non caring attitude to her has riled Anne.
Taking a chocolate dessert she empties it over his head.
Anne tells him she has been messed about, so she is getting her own back.
‘Not nice being messed about is it!’ she tells him.
The Prof gets well slopped up!
Now the Prof is riled and retaliation is imminent - see CLIP 1.
‘I have got the part now!’ says Anne after being sploshed by him.
We then head into some excellent tit for tat material, so reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy.
We start with a handful of rice pudding in the knickers!
Then a large blueberry cake is placed on the chair and the Prof invites Anne to sit.
He pastes the cake around her as she sits with a bemused expression, before she pastes some cake on the Prof.
Next, the Prof applies some squirty cream between her thighs, giving it a vigorous rub-in.
Anne squirts cream on his trousers.
Standing her up and turning her round, the Prof applies some treacle to her bum.
Then he puts some rice pudding inside her blouse over her bra protected boobs.
He continues the rice pudding attack on her blouse.
The Prof is triumphant!
‘You were really looking forward to getting messy!’ you told me, ‘It’s what you wanted’.
‘It’s exactly what I got!’ says Anne.
Stream 1 runs 8 mins 47 secs

Stream 2
The Prof applies lemon curd and peaches to Anne’s white stockinged legs followed by golden syrup.
Even her shoes get the treatment.
Anne moans and groans but secretly she is really enjoying herself.
The Prof puts her left foot into a bowl of Angel Delight rubbing it well into her legs.
There is still some room in her knickers says the Prof and he adds some Angel Delight.
He tells her off. ‘You wanted to get messy so what are you complaining about?’
Next, he unbuttons her blouse before smothering her front with a handful of golden syrup. More syrup follows, before Anne takes a handful from the bowl to slop the Prof over his shirt.
They both laugh!
See CLIP 2 for what happens next! – (you only get one chance when filming this!)
That Clip ends at a very anticipatory moment.
Anne’s fears are justified as the Prof pours the bowl full of treacle over her head and massages it into her hair.
As she takes a breather, the Prof takes advantage to smother her face with treacle!
Next, some cheesecake goes into her knickers.
‘Well, it’s good fun!’ says the Prof.
Anne puts treacle and rice pudding down the Prof’s pants.
She bends over the chair while he splats her back with custard.
Then, lifting her skirt, he massages her bum with golden syrup.
Anne covers the back of the Prof’s shirt with treacle and rice pudding.
Freeing her boobs from her bra, the Prof rubs rice pudding into her boobs.
‘It is wonderful fun’ says the Prof as he strokes and caresses her big boobs.
He admires her glossy treacly hair.
The Prof gropes about on the floor smearing her legs with substances.
Her knickers are removed.
The Prof continues to daub away bringing exclamations of surprise from Anne.
She slops some old cake on his head.
A huge strawberry gateau is produced.
‘Do whatever you want with it!’ says Anne.
Big mistake!
One handful is rubbed into her face, one into her boobs and the rest slopped on top of her head!
What a mess they both are!
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 03 secs

Stream 3
Anne decides it is time for the Prof to get his chest messy as she rubs a handful of golden syrup into him.
So the Prof smears syrup into her hair and boobs, then her bum and legs.
He throws floor slops at her.
Anne moans and groans but then laughs away!
The Prof continues to do his best to smother her.
‘Messy enough’ the Prof asks (believe me there is no clean patch on her!)
Provocatively, Anne replies ‘No!’
‘Another cake then’ says the Prof.
This is a chocolate fudge cake.
He rubs a handful into her boobs, then slops a portion between her legs.
Two handfuls are slopped over her head and rubbed into her hair.
‘Chocolate hair! Chocolate everywhere!’ says the Prof.
Anne laughs away.
She puts some cake down his pants.
Next, she gets rice pudding poured over her bum.
She retaliates with a messy facial on the Prof.
Next, a moment of humour – see CLIP 3.
He squirts cream down inside her skirt.
Then the cream is squirted over her face and rubbed in.
He cleans her shoes with the cream.
Then her bum gets a cream squirt.
Anne applies the squirty cream to the Prof’s hair and face.
She removes his shirt and continues to cream spray his chest.
Then it is the Prof’s turn to cream spray her chest again.
Another squirting goes over her head.
Then the Prof returns to the attack smothering the floor slops over her.
The Prof is energetic and remorseless.
But Anne does her best to dish out some treatment to him.
She is pulled to the floor.
The Prof continues to slop her up!
We end with the Prof admiring her boobs and legs and remembering the fun they had last time.
Stream 3 runs 10 mins 44 secs

So I reflect on what was achieved between Professor Treacle and director Mike Ellison.
I believe we went as far as we wished to go with some ultimate slapstick.
The girls were fabulous as well.
It was a good place to finish.
The Prof will be remembered for his own unique Slapstick.
Few will reach his standard.

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MOVIE WSM413 has 3 Streams running 29 mins 34 secs.
There are 36 shots of the action in IMAGE SET S103
We show you 3 sample images from this set.

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Total Run Time: 29 mins 34 secs

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