Dee gets Wet


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2 Streams plus 2 Sample Clips

Shooting a Wet set in a bare studio is not easy.
So what needs to be right?
Firstly, the model must wear the right clothes.
Secondly, the model must have the right mind not only to get totally drenched, but show the clothes off to their best effect, and then be prepared to not just stand around but get down and wet.
As a mature model, Dee does her best and surpasses many younger girls.
But Dee does have a secret.
This is that she really enjoys all WSM shoots.
I knew we were on a winner when we first met and she told me she had often got deliberately soaked in her clothes, as she enjoyed the wetting.
Now very few girls in my experience have had such feelings.

The 1st Stream runs 7 mins 43 secs.
Dee wears a long sleeved cotton top, a mini skirt (and it really is mini), suspenders, stockings, thong and heels.
And all her clothes are...black!
The shower is quite noisy but Dee still chats to us trying to personalize the shoot.
And the feature of this first Stream?
She is standing throughout, getting thoroughly soaked under the rainbar.
See how wet she is at the end of this Stream – see Clip 1.

The 2nd Stream runs 9 mins 38 secs.
Dee kneels, lies, rolls, sits on the floor assuming some provocative poses.
After 3-43 she removes her top.
See her topless and soaked in CLIP 2.
At 4-44 her skirt is removed.
At 6-03 the shower stops.
At 6-15 she removes her thong.
At 8-13 her heels are removed.
So Dee ends the shoot just wearing her suspenders and stockings.
But she does chat direct to the camera to keep you involved.
We show you 2 Clips of Dee’s Wetlook show from movie WSM166.

MOVIE WSM166 of Dee getting wet has 2 Streams running 17 mins 21 secs.

If you enjoyed the movie, there are in addition 98 images.
Sadly, we lost the 35mm image set.
Well not quite as we do feature 5 saved 35mm shots.
I am an unashamed devotee of 35mm shots.
We publish 5 sample shots from image set W337.
Which one is the odd one out? (In other words, which shot is a video grab and not 35mm?)
See if you can spot it!

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Total Run Time: 17 mins 21 secs

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