Kimyl under the shower


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2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips

We have lithe, very thin model Kimyl with small boobs and long legs.
Now this is different. Shot with two cameras we get some rather unusual and at times rather erotic close-up shots. These are very detailed but make a fascinating record of a bold thin model, as this is now frozen in time.
Kimyl introduces herself and describes in some detail her outfit, which may be considered somewhat unusual for wetlook.
You will be taken aback in the 1st minute with her Yorkshire accent.
The shower is switched on then Kimyl goes through many aspects of wet look play.
Her mini dress becomes transparent.
So Kimyl proceeds to get totally wet before commencing a slow strip.
And Kimyl is not shy either as we get some rather raunchy shots.
If you like girls young, thin and wet, then this is for you.
We show you 2 Clips from movie WSM180.

Sadly, the 35 mm pics of Kimyl in image set W345 were lost in a computer malfunction.
The 84 video grabs are a poor compromise, yet there might be 1 or 2 shots that you really like.
The most disappointing feature was that the stockings did not really work with the wetlook, as they were too heavy.
It is also most difficult to grab stills when a shower spray is cascading on the model.
But, the close-up shots of her body parts are quite extraordinary.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set W345.

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MOVIE WSM180 of ‘Kimyl under the shower’ has 2 HD Streams running 23 mins 49 secs.

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Total Run Time: 23 mins 49 secs

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