Jade in Cooking Oil


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Take a simple idea, Cooking Oil play.
Add in our talkative mature Asian lady Jade and you know she will get a good oil sploshing.
Dressed in top, pants and mini knickers Jade cannot do any action without talking about it!
The Cooking Oil has been warmed on the radiator so this is a pleasant experience for Jade.
She says that she has a 60’s style outfit and commences on her suede look pants with two bottles of oil. Next, 2 bottles of oil go over her short sleeved top,
both front and back. A 5th bottle is held high and poured down her top, running down her pants – see CLIP 1.
A 6th bottle cascades down her back.
For the 7th, she tells us she ‘Is going to pour it on her head!’
‘This is a sunflower massage’ she tells us.

The 2nd Stream opens with Jade sitting in the paddling pool.
She tells us ‘She is soaked with oil’.
The base of the paddling pool is partially filled with the ‘Liquid Oil’, so Jade squirms about in the oily pool – see CLIP 2.
She has been fully oily drenched!
Her pants have discoloured the oil making it purple in colour.
There is some brief foot play before it is time for ‘Tops off!’
Jade reveals her classic petite Asian boobs with bullet nipples.
She tells us that ‘The sunflower oil has become lavender oil, by magic!’
Standing, she applies another bottle of vegetable oil over her naked top and boobs.
The oil runs down her bare body then over her pants.
Then she lies in the pool for yet more oil poured over her relaxed body.
She squirms again around the oily pool.

At the start of Stream 3, Jade removes her pants leaving her clad only in black mini knickers.
She washes herself with oil, then lies back for some oily play.
She kneels then stands, enjoying caressing herself with the ‘purple’ oil.
Then she removes her knickers – see CLIP 3 – so she can flirt more directly with the camera.
There are 7 mins of nude play as Jade shows off her body to a very inquisitive camera.
She rolls about ‘For a proper soak, both front and back’, displaying her female treasures!
‘Oil washing hair’ she exclaims. ‘Can you believe that?’
Without inhibition she displays her oily pussy, with front and rear views, plus an inviting bum hole!
Jade finishes off by washing herself off with 2 further bottles of vegetable oil.
Does she look shiny? Yes!
Does she look oily? Yes!
Does she tick all the boxes? Oh yes!

There are 105 image shots set S385 of Jade in the Cooking Oil play.
Sadly, most of the originals were lost.
But we do have 5 original 35mm shots plus the balance are enhanced screen grabs.
To see the true size always go to the ‘What’s New’ header at www.wsmprod.com website.
Most Forums, because of file size restrictions, show inferior sized images.
We show you 5 enhanced sample pics from image set S385.

MOVIE WSM207 of Jade ‘In Cooking Oil’ has 3 HD Streams running 29 mins 09 secs.

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Total Run Time: 29 mins 09 secs

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