Dee in river in red mini skirt and red top


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Mature lady Dee is dressed in a long sleeved red top, satin look red mini skirt, black thong, black hold-ups plus peep toe studded black heels (and do notice her very long finger nails!)
Dee cavorts on the river bank then makes a slow entry into the fast flowing river.
Before 3 mins she has crouched then knelt in the water.
After 4 mins she sits down in the river.
Her performance is full of movement and wet play.
Dee is a lady not afraid to get wet.
After 5 mins her perky tits and nipples show.
If she looks showy, she is!
Trained in the circus, Dee has an inbuilt desire to play to the audience through the camera.
She ends the 1st Stream by dipping her face and hair in the water – see CLIP 1.

By the end of Stream 1, she is a fully wet girl.

Stream 2 commences with wet hair play and Dee is very happy to dunk her face into the water.
What a great sight this makes with a fully clothed mature lady in the river.
Dee then undertakes 6 dives into the river with the flow taking her past the camera.
She looks a red wet vision of delight!
And so the scene progresses:
At 3 mins 25 secs she loses a shoe.
At 4 mins 15 secs her skirt is off.
At 5 mins 00 secs she kicks her 2nd shoe off.
There is plenty of wet leg play.
She poses before removing her top at 6 mins 30 secs.
Now only clad in thong and stockings she continues her wet play – see CLIP 2.

After 8 mins 35 secs she removes her knickers for 3 further minutes of nude play (except for her stockings).
No-one will be disappointed with this as Dee is certainly not shy and exposes all her charms in the shallow rushing waters.
We show you 2 Clips from movie WSM165.

It is not often in the UK that you can do a river shoot and come away satisfied.
As part of this package there are 524 image shots all at 35mm and all full screen.
There should be something here for most people, as this is as good as I can achieve.
But the star of the show is the delightful mature Dee.
With a 23 minute movie and over 500 images, this is remarkable value.

MOVIE WSM165 of ‘Dee in river in red mini skirt and red top’ has 2 HD Streams of 11 mins 55 secs plus 11 mins 33 secs, so running 23 mins 28 secs.

We show you 7 sample shots from image set W333.

w333_ad1 w333_ad2 w333_ad3 w333_ad4 w333_ad5 w333_ad6 w333_ad7

Total Run Time: 23 mins 28 secs

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