Honour May under the shower in black


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2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

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Stream 1 – runs 7 mins 34 secs
This was the 1st Wetlook shoot that Honour May had done.
Honour May likes to talk about her shoots, so we get her first impressions of how it feels.
She describes her outfit.
At 1 mins 37 secs the shower is switched on.
She gets wet and chats to the camera.
After drawing our attention to her wet black patent/suede lace up very high heeled shoes, we move up her body seeing her wet clothes and hair – see CLIP 1

She tries to tell us how she feels.
After 6 mins 06 secs she shows her boobs by gathering up her top.
At 6-41 she sits on the plinth, still fully clothed.
After 7-03 she removes her shoes.

Stream 2 – runs 6 mins 55 secs
Stream 2 commences as Honour Mai removes her top.
She continues with some boob play.
After 1-29 her soaked leggings are off.
Then she kneels on the floor with the water cascading over her back – see CLIP 2

Next, Honour May lies on her back.
At 3-12 we have nice bum and thong shots.
She indulges in wet floor play with great shots of her body plus plenty of water!
After 4-56 her thong is off and she teases us with bum play.
Honour May stands at 5-13 then shows us her pussy and bum.
After 5 mins 57 secs she squats on the floor in an open legged pose as we get some great pussy close-ups.
At 6-36 she switches off the shower then sums up her feelings about the shoot.

In addition there are 130 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Honour May’s wet play.
Some terrific shots here as I bring my Nikon D90 into studio use.
Does Honour May appeal to you?
We show you 5 sample shots from image set W384.

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MOVIE 219 has 2 HD Streams running 14 mins 29 secs.

IMAGE SET W384 has 130 shots (see above).

Total Run Time: 14 mins 29 secs

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