Mrs. CC in her Angel outfit awaits the visit of Santa


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Stream 1
Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) is waiting for Santa to arrive.
She is dressed in white with a little red – her Angel outfit.
She tells us she wants to get really messy.
Santa arrives with his sackful of food and produces custard and chocolate spread.
Mrs. CC tempts Santa to take a break. He says he would not mind emptying his sac(k) over her later!
She messes up the white dress with chocolate as she is a naughty angel.
Santa returns and promises to make more of a mess of her, if that is her Xmas wish!
Santa starts with the custard. Mrs. CC tells him he has the title of ‘Bad Santa’ this year.
He enjoys smoothing the custard over her dress. As he does this, Mrs. CC puts her hands behind her back to fondle his cock in his Santa pants.
Next, very cold vanilla angel delight is smeared over Mrs. CC’s knickers after she had obligingly lifted her long dress.
Santa poured the remainder down the back of her knickers, ‘Filling those Angel panties’ says Santa.
Santa pulls her close to rub up against her bum, as the naughty Mrs. CC feels his cock again.
Lifting her dress and bending her over, Santa produces a large chocolate gateau, which he massages over her knickers and back.
A cream pie follows as they rub their clothed bodies together.
Mrs. CC rubs Santa’s cock through his trousers, while Santa’s hands roam over her messy dress.

Stream 2
Pulling her dress down, Santa produces chocolate Angel Delight which he spreads over the dress front.
Then it is sticky treacle as golden syrup is poured over her boobs….and Santa licks both with delight. – see Clip 1.

Mrs. CC says her dress is too long and heavy.
Santa has a solution and cuts the dress short.
Another cream pie goes over her bum and hair!
But Mrs. CC wants even more mess!
So pouring cream is doused over her head and back!
Then more chocolate Angel Delight follows as Santa pours it over her head, face and boobs!
Still not satisfied, Santa produces more syrup, running it over her boobs and tummy so it runs into her welcoming knickers!
Finally, further vanilla Angel Delight is smeared over Mrs. CC’s back, knickers and legs and then her boobs.

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Total Run Time: 15 min

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