My Lady gets her cumuppance from my Lord


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This movie has already been compiled in an abbreviated format and appears as Day 10 in the WSM 12 Days of Xmas movie CC137 with a run-time of 15 mins 30 secs.
But to do this sketch justice, it merits a full movie of its own!

We commence as CC rehearse a dance as they are attending a ball that evening.
Formally dressed, they both look the part!
But Lord CC treads on her Ladyship’s toe.
Lady CC is enraged and dismissive.
‘You always do stupid things to spoil things’, she says.
A nervous Lord spills drink over her dress and it is stained with the tea.
Lord CC tries to remove the dress stain but only succeeds in worsening the problem.
His Lordship loses it and slops the solution over her dress much to Lady CC’s protestations.
‘This is exactly what I planned to do’ says my Lord.
‘This is my moment, my time, my turn to have some fun!
All these years you’ve been having a go at me!
It’s my turn to have some fun!
Now, I’m going to mess you up good style!’
Quite a speech from his Lordship!
Now we see Mr. CC at his best!
But the time really has arrived for the snooty Lady CC to get it good, and she finally gets her cumuppance.
He starts with cold yogurt.
Then a chocolate cake is slopped over her bust.
His Lordship throws butterscotch dessert over her before throwing a bowlful over her!
Her Ladyship sits on a small squidgy cake before having another small chocolate cake slopped in her neck! – see CLIP 1

3 Frijj drinks are thrown and poured over her and her Ladyship is invited to taste one.
Lifting her dress to the waist, she sits on a large creamy, gooey cake, with her bum to camera.

What is so good about this movie is the constant chat and repartee between CC.
The fabulous messy fun continues with Lady CC receiving a Knicker Splat with a chocolate cake.
But his Lordship is determined to have sweet revenge and what could be better than a Chocolate cake rubbed into the elegant Lady’s face! – see CLIP 2

Her Ladyship’s dress is removed.
Feeling freer, she enters into the fun and starts giving his Lordship the messy treatment.
But he counters with some cooling tomato soup over his Lady and they have a free for all mess-up.
His Lordship frees her boobs so he can flan them with a yogurt flan!
The Lord has his shirt torn away.
After nipples have been licked, her Ladyship gets tomato soup poured inside her knickers and over her bum before she responds by pouring soup over and down his Lordship’s underpants.

Stream 3 commences with mayonnaise poured over Lady CC’s tits as she crouches down facing the camera.
Chocolate milkshake is poured over her boobs, into her mouth then inside her knickers.
A rice pudding flan is slapped into her bum and then her knickers are pulled down.
His Lordship pours yogurt down her back and bum before her Ladyship sits back to take a bowl of rice pudding over her head – see CLIP 3.

The sexual mood has been building.
My Lord slaps a custard flan on her bum followed by tomato soup over her.
Her Ladyship lies down invitingly as his Lordship massages the slops from the floor!
This sketch can only end in one manner! – (see below for how to purchase the XXX movie with the sequel).

MOVIE CC135 has 3 HD Streams running 26 mins 14 secs.

IMAGE SET S446 has 126 shots
We show you 5 sample images from this set.
These are all 35mm shots with enhanced (full Screen) format.
Quite a terrific record of this messy encounter of the gentry!
Do not miss these shots.

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Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Total Run Time: 26 mins 14 secs

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