Mrs. CC in Mud Slut 8 – Mud Orgasm


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Take a muddy puddle in a big open field.
Mrs. Custard Couple arrives dressed in a sleeveless dress, bra, panties, suspender belt and black heels.
The Mud Slut has arrived!
She immediately sits in the muddy puddle and gets a muddy arse!
Then she lies full length on her stomach. She smears her right leg and boobs with the mud.
And she does what Mrs. CC always does – chats!
Next, she does her arms then takes a roll in the mud to get messed up both front and back!- seeCLIP.

She tells us ‘She is starting to get muddy!’
But we can see that just after 3 mins she is very muddy indeed!
She loses her shoe then retrieves it from the mud.
She walks away for good full length shots.
We see her muddy bum as she stretches for us.
Then, back in she goes for a squelchy walk-around.
She lies back in the muddy puddle.
We have some fine muddy bum shots.
She rips her dress away so she is clad in bra, panties, suspender belt, stockings and heels, all very muddy! Laughing, she squeezes the muddy dress out over her head!
Then it is back for another squirm in the mud on her stomach with further fine muddy arse shots!
Before long her hand finds its way between her legs.
Then Mrs. CC sets about getting the muddy orgasm she seeks.
She pulls her boobs from her bra and muddies them up!
Sitting in the mud, it is time for a serious frigging with slurpy, sloshy sounds as she caresses her clit.
She cums with her hand inside her panties!
Then she rolls onto her back with legs outstretched to give marvelous muddy views of her body!
Finally, she removes her panties and shoes to end up a muddy vision of delight for us all!
She tells us ‘That’s yet another very muddy, sexy shoot!’

In addition IMAGE SET M227 has 73 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Some memorable pics here of our endearing Mud Slut.
Appearing apprehensive at first, Mrs. CC soon gets stuck in and there are some fabulous close-up shots!
These are cracking pics for lovers of muddy ladies!
We see her muddy orgasm, then some enticing shots of our muddy and well pleased Mud Slut!
We show you 5 sample from image set M227.

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Total Run Time: 9 mins 13 sec

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