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2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

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Stream 1 runs 10mins 28 secs
Dee pronounces this as the ultimate messy test……as she uses dark treacle.
She empties the treacle into a rectangular bowl.
The paddling pool is rather a confined space for a middle aged lady.
Dee starts her treacle play, smearing her arms, then her dress.
She shows off her white undies.
She daubs her legs and continues to mess up her once white dress – see CLIP 1.
Dee sits and kneels in the paddling pool.
Soon she lies back to roll in the mess.
The treacle is very black and messy!
But Dee enjoys slicking it into her stockings and dress.
There are some nice treacly leg shots before the 1st Stream ends with Dee still having a clean face!

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Stream 2 runs 9 mins 55 secs
Dee lies back in the paddling pool and trickles treacle over her face and hair.
Then she gives herself a treacle facial!
The treacle becomes sticky and crinkly making great slurpy noises as she slicks it over her dress.
This is very sticky, messy, black play with Dee in her heavy treacle soaked dress.
Then there are some standing shots as Dee shows off the fully treacle coated dress.
Next, she removes the dress and then she is topless!
Taking the bowl, she tips the remaining treacle over her chest, smoothing it into her tits and body.
She sits in the pool to spread further treacle over her legs, thighs and body as she becomes a glistening black delight!– seeCLIP 2.
She attempts to cover her bum then lies on her front before kneeling up to show the result.
Standing, we see her with her back treacle covered, before Dee falls to her knees again to kneel to show her treacly back.
She sits back for more leg play before removing her knickers!
She squirms around the pool, a black delight!
Finally, she lies back for a final minute of uninhibited raunchy open leg display!

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And there is more!
IMAGE SET S403 has 182 enhanced shots.
These are 35mm shots.
The black dark treacle always make shot capture difficult.
But there are many good shots and a full record of Dee’s treacle experience.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S403.

S403_Ad00001 S403_Ad00002 S403_Ad00003 S403_Ad00004 S403_Ad00005

Total Run Time: 20 mins 23 secs

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